To My Hooters and Hosers: Oh You Know You Love It!!!!

Mister D:

Elizabeth and Kellee might not want to be associated with that headline, but girlies you are stuck with it. These 2 wrote in to say that Bette does a spread (not that kind) in the new People magazine…ya know, the one with Cristina featuring the birth of her baby. Congrats Crist, but we don’t care. What we do care about is the pic in the table of contents of Bette and her life in pictures starting on page 111….awesome pictures, but it should have taken up a magazine or two. But with people…well less is more when sometimes it should be more is less….and that really makes no sense, but a true BetteHead will know exactly what I mean. I will have the pics up when I get a new scanner….hopefully tomorrow…

Now about me!

Been under the weather along with 2 very sick kitties (cats) so unfortunately I had to put us first. I saw the posts by Spence and Prince Charming and frankly I don’t know the answers to those questions…like losing her deal with Sony or whatever. Spence is right about a lot he said concering Rhino and I really wish he’s right about new stuff, but I have been told that there would absolutely be no new songs or whatever on the discs nor rarities. My sources are excellent, but of course things can always change. But I have to say for now the disc will be retreads of material we’ve heard. I’m just hoping someone comes to their senses at the last moment and gives us fans some things we want.

That’s all for now. All of you heading to Vegas, I hope you have smooth and safe flying or safe “whatever mode of transportation” you are using.

This is the also the part where I tell you with giddiness that I will be going to Vegas afterall and that I am overjoyed and grateful. It will be sooner than later, but not right on time. But I get to go….talk to ya tomorrow. I have babies to take care of (and not Cris Aqui’s thank heavens) and scanner shopping to do….

Much love, Mister D

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One thought on “To My Hooters and Hosers: Oh You Know You Love It!!!!

  1. I hope ur kitties are okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them big kisses from me and lots of tuna-flavoured biscuits! My first kitty was lactose intolerant so he got sick a lot and it’s terrible – imagine my surprise when my kitty didn’t drink milk like all those in the cartoons I had seen!!

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