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A Little Divine Madness After “The ShowGirl Must Go On”

PhotoShop: Baltoboy Steve caught a little of the madness as Bette and Sophie walk to the after party. Thanks to Nicola for catching this and all the other videos lately. You go girl!: Click Here

Wendy reminded me that there ARE pictures out there of the after party….Gawd, why is Dog The Bounty Hunter there???….here are links she sent me. I just completly forgot:

Wireimage: Click Here

Contact Music: Click Here

Getty Images Click Here

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6 thoughts on “A Little Divine Madness After “The ShowGirl Must Go On”

  1. We are so VERY excited…..we have our tickets….the flight leaves Manchester, U.K. on Sunday.
    Bette we love you – from 2 of your loyal British fans.

    We hope you have included “my one true friend” in the show.

    See you on the 29th

  2. Watched the tmz video. It warms my heart to see her get the kind of attention she deserves. I am so happy for her.

    I loved this comment from someone called “hater”. he/she says, “nothin to hate about this woman”.

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