A Bootleg Tid-Bette: See Kids…They Are Taking Over The Blog Like POD PEOPLE!!!!

  • This just came in. Not really sure if I’m to say who told me so for once I’ll keep my mouth shut. Howza bout that? Bette will be interviewed by USA TODAY celeb reporter, Will Keck, Monday Feb 25th. We are to get a sneak look at her dressing room and hopefully a song from the show. So bookmark this link: Click Here The show is called Celeb Watch with Will Keck. Remember, this is an on-line show. There you have it!
  • I put up a new review from Reel.com of “Then She Found Me” in the TSFM section. Once again, Ms. Midler is singled out for her performance. Click Here
  • I will be putting up pics in the gallery from Bette’s after party. Sorry I just forgot and was too tired when I remembered. It will be in the Vegas Section: Click Here throughout the day….
  • More reviews….oops I mean “previews” of Bette’s show: Click Here
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3 thoughts on “A Bootleg Tid-Bette: See Kids…They Are Taking Over The Blog Like POD PEOPLE!!!!

  1. oh, MY…this page is packed with so much info!! you are amazing…this is saving me loads of time in my search for TID-BETTES…thanks!! I know by now, that really, I don’t need to search…I only need to click on your cute little desktop icon that I strategically placed on my screen…

    …and let me just say this, commenting basically HERE instead of doing so on an earlier post…and you’ll totally kow which one I mean…


  2. Guys, the video is really cool, Bette shows her dressing room and sings with her girls…not to mention that on USA site they have a poll and Bette is beating all the competition with 48% as the “must see show” in Vegas. then comes Cher, Elton John, Cirque Du Soleil and Barry Manilow…and someone else…LOL! Don, I gotta find a way to ge theeeeeeeere!!!!!!

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