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Just Middling Around….

PhotoArt: Lucy Wilkins

Mister D:

It’s a slow day compared to the last three. Did ya’ll need a break??? Boy I sure did, but I did put up a few pics of Bette that you’ve probably seen from her after party…but if you must look: Click Here

I also made a Vegas Baby gallery for BetteHeads that went to the show. Thanks to those who sent in stuff. Everybody else feel free to send in pics and/or reviews. For now you can see some BLB regulars: Katrin, Crystal, Da’Vi, Liz, Benny…I will not show my pic…I turned into an aging doughboy….it’s not fair!!!!! Click Here

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Just Middling Around….

  1. Liz, how fabulous was that? All of yuo looked so great!!! Loved the pics, keep sending them to Don. I’m happy for all of you who can attend…I’m crying and screaming “why, oh, why God can’t I see Bette perform?”, but I’m truely happy for you. LOL! Love, Cris.

  2. Thanks for this site ! I’m the printer that has and is printing the collage and the “Showgirl Must Go On” fine art giclee (pronounced”gee clay”)prints that are being signed by Bette and sold only in the Bette store ( Yes she is signing every one ! ).

    For all who are purchasing them they are called Tru-giclee and take 1 hr and 10 min to print per 30 x 40 sheet. They are all printed individually(not on a press or inkjet)but on Iris or Ixia printers. They are the finest reproductions that are available. Yes they are a true limited edition .

    We are sooo honored to have been chosed to print for Bette .

  3. Sooo cool!!!!!

    I’m hitting Vegas next week and seeing the show with my peeps on the 7th so I’ll be sure we get plenty of pictures of us around the place! (My alter ego, Daisy, will be hitting Vegas on Thursday night, the 6th!)

  4. Thanks for the information Mr. Costello. I will post your comments on the main page. It’s very interesting and so cool that Ms. Midler signs them personally…thanks for letting us know…

    Spence…Have a divine time. Write me a little review and pics required!!!! 🙂

    Love, Mister D

    PS: Hello my first love, Cris!!!

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