Enjoy The Show: Stop Whining

Mister D: I don’t think there will be an outcry. This place is not a stadium. If you have to see faces and such….get binoculars. Better yet, just stay home and watch it on TV when it hopefully comes out on DVD.

Photo: Kathy Griffin, Bette Midler, and Sarah Silverman

Las Vegas Review Journal
Norm Clarke

Audience members who have attended Bette Midler’s “The Showgirl Must Go On” at Caesars Palace are grousing that the giant LED screen is not showing closeups of Midler and her cast.

A Friday attendee who said she paid $189 for a second mezzanine seat was unhappy that she couldn’t make out faces from that far up.

Show spokeswoman Kris Lingle said the LED screen, a fixture in Celine Dion and Elton John shows at the 4,000-seat Colosseum, “is not used as a live LED screen but rather as a constant background of video and show projections.” Expect a chorus of dissatisfaction.

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17 thoughts on “Enjoy The Show: Stop Whining

  1. Hi Mr D & All!

    Just be grateful that you have the chance to see Bette in what “maybe” her final performance.

    I know so many gay men in Sydney who want to make the trip over to Vegas to see Bette in this show, but they can’t.

    And do you want to know why?

    I’ll tell you why!

    It’s because these are a group of gay men who are long term sufferers of HIV/AIDS and these men are not allowed or any person for that matter with HIV/AIDS into the USA with their medications.

    And why can’t they come into the USA with their medications?

    I’ll tell you why!

    It’s because the governing office in the USA sees people with HIV/AIDS visiting from other countries as a health risk and might spread the virus to U.S. Citizens, so they are sent straight back to the country they came from and made to feel like shit about themselves.

    So, my advice to whomever is complaining and to anyone who feels they need to have a “Jesus Complex Moment.”


    Again, just be grateful that you have access to such an amazing talented woman, don’t get caught up in whiz bang special effects, if that’s your scene stay home and watch “Star Wars.”

    That being said, I also want to clarify right here and now that I have nothing against citizens of the United States, I think Americans are the funniest people I have ever met, I have more American friends than I care to poke a stick at, they have always been sweet kind and very welcoming. But I have to admit I don’t care to much about “Bush.”

    O.K, I’m off my soap box now!

    Big Hugz!

    Sydney Australia

  2. I saw the show opening night and brought my binoculars for the 2nd Mezzanine (at $95). They’re not required, but are nice to see faces. You can never assume there will be a big screen to give you the close-up shots anywhere you see a show. Always be prepared for any circumstance. The show is fabulous.

  3. Come on…Bette doesn’t use the screen for closeups…she uses it to add imaginitive elements and beauty to her show. Her amazing voice should be enough to satisfy everyone…it always has before!

    I wish I could have seen one of her old shows live…where it was basically just her, the harlettes and a microphone.

    I can’t wait to see her new show and you won’t hear me whining one bit!

  4. thanks for this…i’ll bring binoculars then 🙂 i wanna see bette… this is my first time to see her perform live.

  5. LMAO you guys!!!!! Some of these comments are priceless!!!! And I was about to apologize for what i said…!!!! But I didn’t want too…..

    And Manny! Your reply was hilarious and touching. Thanks for giving us Americans the benefit of the doubt…and nevah, evah apologize for Bush…I know he’s almost out of office, but the days are too long….

    Love, Mistah D

  6. “Like my friend always said… you just gotta get in the building!” – Bette Midler (Bette! CBS Sitcom)

    Haha I love Bette!!

  7. I was seated at ROW G, about 5-6 meters away from the stage. Still, I had to use my binoculars to behold the beauty that is called BETTE MIDLER. She’s gorgeouusssss. My parents were both in awe after her performance. I was succesful in coverting them to BETTEHEADS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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