Bette May Need Your Support…

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17 thoughts on “Bette May Need Your Support…

  1. i know it is just a crappy article.
    but, it really did kind of piss me off while i was reading it.
    and the comments at the end of it did not help either, now im pissed.
    i hope bette gets some kick ass reviews (which i have no doubt in my mind that she wont) about her show, that way they can all get thrown right back at this guy’s face for righting such a crappy article about her.

  2. Bette will be vindicated from all of this! She’s the best live entertainer that ever existed and nobody can take that away from her!

  3. Ouch! What does this guy know anyway?? Let the fans be the judges when she sells out every nite of the 200 shows.

  4. A friend of mine and I were talking last night and he commented “it’s really sad that this current generation doesn’t know – or relate – to anything prior to the year 2000.” Which is kind of evident by the majority of postings who wanted to point out Bette’s less than stellar performance on “American Idol.” I attribute the mis-step there to the producers of the show and that they more than likely didn’t give Bette enought time to prepare. SHE WAS AFTER ALL REACHING BEHIND HER BACK TO ADJUST THE VOLUME on her mic pad. Other than particular moment, the only other point of reference to her career dropped clear down to “Beaches” – again! I don’t get how they can focus in on one or two points of reference and forget the rest.

    Didn’t any of them see her extremely successful and highly reviewed “Kiss My Brass” show? AND IF THEY DIDN’T OR DON’T CARE ABOUT BETTE ANYMORE, you can’t tell me that they don’t have FRIENDS – who did see her “Kiss My Brass” show and they came back and rave about how good it was!

    I guess not, and so they really don’t have any room to talk about her – period. Clearly they weren’t brought up in the kind of household “If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it.” I’m so tired of everyone dishing Miss Midler and they have absolutely no reasoning to back it up. If they don’t like her, fine – go pick on Britney Spears, visit Perez Hilton’s website and get your fill of the latest trash – because it’s clear that’s all they care about. I’d like to know what Bette Midler has done to deserve people being so catty about her?

    What I find so interesting about Vegas is the idea that it’s become so “youth oriented.” I don’t see any of the younger artists – and I use that term loosely – receiving the amount of press and attention that Bette is getting for her brand new show. None of them are even coming close to STEPPING INTO THE SAME LEAGUE as Bette. And so Vegas isn’t used to seeing a TRUE entertainer of Bette Midler’s caliber.

    It must be very sad to live your life and become so jaded by all of the glitz and flashiness in Vegas – one night hits and then flops – gone tomorrow, that they can’t even see the true depth of what is being presented in front of them. Which is something “true” and “original.”

    These negative reviewers need to stick with the rest of the crap they are used to seeing, and believe me there is plenty for them to experience on the strip other than dishing Miss Midler. I have no doubt, they don’t want to see her show become a success, and become something far greater than the mediocre crap they are used to seeing.

    They need to remind themselves that Celine’s show went through several changes as well. To come down so hard on Bette during her opening week is extremely short minded on their part.

    It’s unfortunate that Cher’s brand new show didn’t open right along with Bette’s – so they’d have something to compare it too! I can’t wait to READ those reviews! It’s funny that we haven’t heard even a peep about what Cher has planned. But then after hearing her say that she’s planning a full length tribute to the Sonny and Cher Show, that doesn’t sound like something “new” and “original.” I don’t mean to dish the diva, but I think it’s time to quit playing upon the past.

    Of the three – Bette, Cher, and Elton – my money is firmly placed on Miss Midler!

    Elton hasn’t changed his ACT one bit over the past fifteen years and the fans are absolutely sick and tired of hearing the same old songs over and over again. He hasn’t interjected anything “new” into his line up in such a long time that the fans are actually writing to his management company, “if Elton doesn’t do anything new – we aren’t coming!” He’s fastly becoming a nostaglia act, along with the likes of Donna Summer and several of the other entertainers that we’ve come to admire so much over the past twenty-five years – who haven’t updated what they present to the fans.

    Now we come to “Cher.” Of the 90 minutes they are given on stage for their moment to shine, I wonder how much of that time we’ll actually see her!!! By the time you include the dancers, the video montages of her years with Sonny, the 8th or 9th costume change, and then another video montage of her film career, what’s left?

    At least Bette is up there on the stage giving a 110% or more, truly giving the audience an experience they won’t soon forget. So the critics need to lay off, visit another hotel, and find something else to talk about. And besides who made them the voice of the people?


  5. she will kick some serious booty…that article is JUST that…words…blah, blah, blah…

    I just LOVE the “I Look Good” number and ALWAYS have…grrrrrr…..and as for the A. I. clip…that was TV and it was packaged for TV and THAT show…their call…honestly, I didn’t like it when I saw it, either…but I knew that was just THAT show…I dunno…Bette has been around for many years and her body of work will shine…it always does…WE LOVE HER and true fans, like us, will support her…even with weak moments…she’s human, honest and real…and while DIVINE, she’s not perfect and she knows it…this is a difficult undertaking she is embarking on…but she knows that her fans will help support her…and I respect that…once the energy of the “run” gets going, she’ll kick some serious butt…

  6. ahhhhhhhhhh
    i hate whoever wrote that.
    i WILL be going both years she’s there.
    …and getting the divine panties… haha

  7. I saw Bette’s show last night. She needs to work on it. It’s nothing like her last tour…I know its a Vegas show and has to be short, but she needs to cram more stuff into it. I was more impressed with Celine and I’m not a Celine fan. I’m huge Bette fan. I hope the changes that will be taking place make for a better show. I was very disappointed. Alhough the burro is hilarious. I plan on catching the show next week so we’ll see what’s going on with the show…..

  8. Bravo Jeff

    Good choice in panties Katie…still waiting to hear which ones G picks. I hear there’s another word for these, not panties, but my mind just won’t take me where I need to go….

    Libby – thanks for your honest assessment. I think the 90 minute performance limit IS constricting for her. I don’t think it’s cramming she needs to do, but maybe very precise editing or letting some bits go that aren’t working and do what she does best….sing and just connect straight with the audience….

    Love, D

    Love, D

  9. is a very negative site in general. they aren’t happy people. try not to go there and maybe they’ll just go away. bette rocks, we all know it. the article was based on that little paragraph from the other “preview” article. they aren’t good reporters.

  10. I agree with Stephen….(I probably should just delete this post)…it won’t matter an iota what clip you put up somebody will find something wrong with it. I explained on one site til I was blue in the face one time about what really happened with the AI performance…and people just ignored it. There are always going to be negative people and people *gasp* that can’t stand Bette Midler…and unless you can get them in your living room and show a few great examples of what she’s capable of (some times that doesn’t work…it’s just a preference thing) your just yodeling down a dark canyon…most of the commenters there are just there to see how “funny” they can be…so it’s just useless. And you will find yourself going round and round in circles trying to prove a point to a moron….

    Love, Mister D

  11. I’ve decided to not read any of the reviews until I have the chance to see the show myself – hopefully before any major changes are made. I’d really like to see it “before” it undergoes any editing.

    I must have missed the reasoning behind what happened on “American Idol.” I just sort of figured something was wrong with her mic pack, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    Honestly the last time I was in Vegas – was for Bette’s “Kiss My Brass” show and I HAVE A FEW WORDS FOR THOSE IN VEGAS – “Get with it!” I had seen the show already half a dozen times and never once did she say anything like this to the audience in any of the shows that I saw – UNTIL I GOT TO VEGAS: “come on, you can do better than that!” as she was introducing ‘the girls.’ Everyone pretty much sat there: chairs dressed as people! So the guy who reviewed the show doesn’t have any room to brag about what Las Vegas is all about.

    Furthermore, I’d like to know what sort of goodwill HE’S putting forth to encourage people to visit Vegas? Reviews like the one he put forth aren’t exactly throwing out the welcome mat. Personally, if it wasn’t for Bette doing these shows in Vegas, I wouldn’t be going. I don’t care for Vegas and I find it insulting that it’s sometimes the only place they ever talk about when it comes to “entertainment!” Like I mentioned earlier, it’s centered around the youth of our culture and it doesn’t necessarily present a true representation of the United States. And it’s sad that people overseas view us collectively by what they see coming out of Vegas. No wonder they think we’re crazy!

    Everynight on “Nightline” they have a segment titled: A sign of the times. I consider this guys’ less than stellar review of Bette’s show – a sign of the times in which we live. Soundbytes, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, negative – negative, always pointing out what’s wrong. AND THIS IS SO TRUE OF WHAT WE SEE ALL THE TIME: all of these television programs telling us what’s wrong, or how bad things are and yet, NONE of them ever offer a suggestion on how to fix the problem or turn the situation around. Instead of pointing out the flaws in Bette’s presentation, how about saying “I see the vision of what you’re trying to put forth, how about shifting it a little bit in this direction and it will be even better.”

    I truly don’t understand why everything has be so negative and always leaning in that direction. Even all of the most recent interiews with Bette have had a particular slant on them, which tends to go in that direction.

    Now that I’ve seen all of them, if this guy wants to rate Miss Midler’s performance, then how about we start rating what we see.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show: D – ( for obvious reasons: only giving Bette 20 minutes, then not being totally involved in the conversation, “So you never watched any television?” Come on! And they never spotlighted any of the other people who took the time to send them things, answering their emails, phone calls, etc. And then placing the guys in the back row??? What’s up with that? Overall, I wasn’t pleased with the way she treated Bette or the people who took the time to make their way to Chicago. )

    Entertainment Tonight: F – ( the absolute worst! they talked and talked about this upcoming interview with Bette, always placing the focus on their star player: CoJo! And then they used all of this really old footage, in place of actually talking to Bette! And so it was dreadful! Someone call the pound! CoJo needs to be put down! )

    Extra! C + ( Nice interview, but all of these bone heads are only interested in one thing: plastic surgery. When will they ever get it through their heads that a lot of people don’t care about that. Especially when you consider all of the more interesting topics they could have talked about with Bette. As she says, “it’s a shame.” Well it is a shame the way they waste HER time by only focusing on these tired old issues: plastic surgery, the party girls of Hollywood, etc. etc. I sure hope never sees any of the footage they actually showed. If she did, I’m sure she’d never agree to another interview! )

    Access Hollywood: C + ( pretty much about the same as the rest, no forethought into what they could have talked about that would have been far more interesting )

    The Today Show: A – ( by far the best of the bunch, the interview could have been longer, but it was nice to see more than what the rest wanted to present. It’s interesting that it took a New York based show to truly give Bette the time she so richly deserves. )

    It’s interesting what each of these programs wishes to shine the spotlight on. It’s a shame for the most part because they truly don’t understand the true essence which has made Bette Midler so endearing all of these years.


  12. Hi Mr D and All!

    Who ever the author of this article is, all I have to say to them is this.

    “Go and have a high powered douche and wash the Britney Spears & Paris Hilton shit out of your ass, then your brain will have enough room to function at normal capacity, provided you haven’t hosed that out already. In case you haven’t noticed, Bette is a master of live performances, something she has been doing for almost 40 years, probably longer than you have been alive. Bette does have a life before “Beaches” perhaps the author of this article should read REAL live reviews written by REAL live review critics in REAL music magazines such as “Rolling Stone” and you will find that one word appears in almost every review “DIVINE.”

    “Now let’s look at the terrible video by Britney Spears, drunk and over weight at the music awards, or even better, the terrible video of Paris Hilton giving a bad blow job to some poor sap in a cheap hotel who eventually dumped her probably because she can’t seem to perform the task properly. I REST MY CASE!”

    Big Hugz!

    Sydney Australia


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