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Mister D Goes To Vegas…(Spoilers Galore…A Recap Of My Evening)

Mister D: I will be adding to this page over the next few days, so you may want to check back. People are triggering my memories, so I guess that’s about it….I forgot what I was going to say….LOL

I just briefly put up what I saw on Sunday night, the 17th of February. I just want to express my gratitude on being invited, maybe not invited, and then invited. We didn’t have the finances to stay that long so we were in and out of Vegas in no time. And I was not ready to leave…

I really want to rewrite my article at a later date just for my own remembrance. It was a very special night to witness; what some would call a dress rehearsal with a full house. I’d be scared!!

Anyway, you can kind of get a feel for the show as I saw it. I do have a list of changes that are to be made, but they are not that important to list here. Plus I’d probably get in trouble. Hell I might get in trouble for writing what I did, but I don’t understand all the goddang laws or unwritten rules of theatre. So read it while you can kids, and I hope you enjoy. There was a lot of work put into this show and Bette shines as usual…. Click Here

And yes, it’s true, Bette and Cher WILL BE sharing a store when Cher begins her run in May……

Have a good day!

Love, Mister D

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13 thoughts on “Mister D Goes To Vegas…(Spoilers Galore…A Recap Of My Evening)

  1. Sounds amazing!! I hope all has gone well last night!! And i hope these next two years will be non-stop Bette!! 😀

  2. Don! Thank you for this recap of the preview on the 17th! It is perfect–jogged my memory about everything that I saw–and more. You’re the best, dear. Have a grand day. Can’t wait to hear more about opening night. Yee-hee! –D

  3. LIVE theatre…Bette being REAL…this is what it’s all about…and the beauty of it is that you can go see a show like this and get something new and different every time…oh THANK you for filling us in…you are quite lucky and blessed to have been there…how fabu for you…how fabu for US…you know, those of us that have been involved in performing know how it is…and now that we are getting older, who are we to judge?! man, that stuff takes energy for DAYS and at 62?? hell, I think it’s amazing! oh, thanks for all this, Don..I can’t wait to be there this summer!!!! I know I’ll go more than once, too…for the very reason I stated earlier…you’ll always see a new show, you really will…that’s why “theatre” has been around forever…and let’s face it, she’s a PERFORMER and was one long before she was a screen actress…the “stage” is her real shining moment…that whole package…and at her age, it’s going to take ALL she’s got and then some…I say BRAVO and I always WILL..she inspires me to keep being just ME no matter how old I get! to be perfectly honest, THAT’S what keeps you young…PASSION for what you love…and that’s what she has…and that’s why she wants to be doing this at 62! it’s good for her soul (ok, and bank account, but I can understand even that, too!!)early “nagative” reviews of this show don’t matter one little bit to me…I am just a positive person and the world needs to lighten up!! GEEEZ!
    again, thanks from the bottom of my heart…again, I am glad I found you!

  4. Hey Deb!!! I’ll be writing at some point, but my 2 typing fingers are really hurting from yesterday…LOL

    Hey Jonathan: How are ya son?

    ~G I can never find that friggin swirly thing in front of your G (spot) …so sorry. Anyway, you’re welcome. I picked the first night for a reason. I love live theatre, knew it was a dress type rehearsal and I just wanted to experience this before it got glossy….

    Love, Don

  5. You’re welcome….

    The flub ups were interesting to see, because Bette’s a pro and she can make even those work to her advantage. The audience was with her and supportive all the way…she made it hilarious…..

    Love, Don

  6. I am sad to see that “Stay with Me” is not on the set list. One thing that I have always told people about Bette’s shows is that she does it all, gives it all and she makes you feel the show was tailored made for you and the town she is playing. What was it like see her show so cut down to almost half of what we are use to see from her? I hate the 90 minute rule of casinos!

  7. Hey Don!!

    Im very well thank you. How are you?? Just had to finish off my presentation for my greek theatre work for college tommorrow, but can’t stop thinking about all this new Bette stuff lol.

    So glad you went to the show, I hope i get to see it sometime in the next two years 😀 Should do Im 18 next year so that’ll make one hell of an 18th Birthday present 😀 😀

    Woo that reminds me im 17 on Monday yaaaaay go me hehe!! Doesn’t look like Bette tickets are in the cards this year.

    Hope your well,


    PS. has there been any coverage of Bette’s Vegas gig over here in the good ole YUK (any YUK fans help)

  8. I saw the show on Monday night (preview) and I was very nervous for my favorite entertainer of ALL TIME and I will explain why.

    First, I will preface by saying, she is fierce!!!! She looks amazing, sounds incredible (SOME PEOPLE’S LIVES and WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN were unbelievable), and she can tell a joke like nobody else. She is a STAR all the way. The problem?…The show is somewhat over produced . Videos/media, (I had NO idea why the obnoxious AMERICAN IDOL judges were on her show until I read another blog), and the so called “showgirls” are big problems for me.

    The videos were meant to be clever, funny, etc and to cover her costume changes….I would have rather skipped the videos and heard the hot band play. Every time the video came on, the pace slowed. ( Except for the opening video which was hilarious and cool.)

    The girls dancing behind her were a HOT MESS! They don’t know the choreography, some can’t even smile while dancing, and one girl didn’t even try to lip synch with the other singers. Also, the choreography is uninspired. It looked like a local dance school trying to keep up with the Divine Miss M.

    The absolute best parts of the show were when she was onstage singing alone or with the Harlettes (who also rocked and were WAY better dancers than the “showgirls”). Those moments were magical. It looks to me that someone thought that Bette needed a whole mess of something to fill the stage. (Celine did need it all. Personally, I don’t care for her voice and can’t stand to look at her when she sings. She NEEDED back up dancers, activity, etc). Bette is a powerhouse who doesn’t need all that. She can sit on a stool or stand and sing and bring the house down. As a result of all the amateur stuff going on behind her, Bette is taken down a few notches and the show loses momentum when the entire cast is onstage. .

    The end feeling, as it was felt too by those who attended with me, is that the show is uneven and Bette seems uncomfortable with some of the set ups. (Yes, she made some mistakes, but she handled them like a pro. That was interesting to see and in NO WAY colors my opinion.) When it is Bette or Bette and the Harlettes, the show is high energy, sharp, and thrilling. Then, we step back into regional theatre when the dancers come on.

    My friends and I don’t watch American Idol or keep up with a lot of celebrity trash gossip. As a result, one can miss out on a lot of the show’s jokes. The writers might want to take a look at the material and give her stuff that is bawdy Bette while staying above the Hollywood trash. I will LOVE Bette forever….I just wish the producers/writers had given her a show worthy of her stature and power as an entertainer. I honestly think with a little rewriting and some editing, this show could be the greatest thing Vegas ever saw.

    Keep the songs, keep the costumes, keep the sets, keep the band, keep the Harlettes, and keep our Bette in Vegas. Do that by losing those “showgirls” or get some who can strut and pose as well as Bette and are worthy to be dancing behind her.

    Bette is the “People’s Diva” and she will always be my inspiration!!!!!!!!

  9. …I know how much you want to find that swirly thingy on my g(spot..LoL)…shift up with with your right pinky near the lower RIGHT and “press it” with your left middle finger in the upper LEFT…you’ll hit my “spot” thingy every time…opposite corners is how I remember…oh, and it’s right before the exclaimation point (go figure!! LoL isn’t “it” always!), so it’s fun to use your index finger and go like this:

    (that felt good!!!!~!~!!)

  10. Rosie…I agree with so much with what you have to say and you said it quite well. I know they are going to keep working and get it right. You sound like the “Rosie” by the way…but then I doubt you’d be here…

    Love, Mister D

    PS ~G —– very clever!!!! 🙂

  11. I get the “Rosie” from Rosemary Clooney… other favorite entertainer. Bette and Rosie all the way…..there are no others. HA! Can you imagine my JOY when Bette did the Rosemary Clooney Songbook. “Oy Vegas!”!!!!!

  12. Rosie: That must have been a BIG deal if Ms. Clooney is your other favorite…I loved the Clooney CD!!!!

    Love, Mister D

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