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We’re All Growing Old, So Just Listen To Bette On The Radio!

Mister D: Okay…I know I missed it on Bette being on Oprah today (just little clips here and there on aging). I can sum it up from my own perspective: IT’S HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It SUX OUT LOUD!!!!!!!! IT’S LIKE PARASITES SLOWLY EATING AWAY AT YOUR BODY!!!!!!! and just stuff like that….no biggie!

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Anyway, Wendy Poo sent in this radio interview Bette did a few days back, so I hope this makes up for some of my Bette lapse. To listen (and you may have to maneuver a little bit): Click Here

Love, Mister D

PS: Anybody that goes to the show, please send in a mini-review/song list if you can remember. I have a few to put up tomorrow….

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8 thoughts on “We’re All Growing Old, So Just Listen To Bette On The Radio!

  1. What’s with the “she’s a handful” comment? I didn’t realize she had to be “handled”…It’s tough being so DIVINE!!
    Oh,Mr worries about Oprah we love you anyway!!!

  2. how could you miss bette being on Oprah, dude?
    btw, don’t forget your new “schedule”, so get your tuchas out of that chair and get to learnin’.


    btw, how’s ernie?

  3. Thanks for he interview, Mister D.

    Im going to Bette’s show tomorrow. My first Bette Midler concert… ain’t that divine ? So i will let you know what i think of it

    Kiss Kiss

  4. I wonder how early this radio show was broadcasting…if it’s in Washington D.C. and Bette’s in Vegas….I don’t know, I don’t think she was a ‘handful’ but I felt the D.J. was being a little too perky at the beginning trying to make Bette sing.

  5. I agree w/Michell…what was that “handful” comment all about? I give HIM a handfull 😉
    As always, Bette’s interviews are witty and fun to listen to.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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