Bette Midler’s After Party Speech (Thank You So Much Erik!)

Mister D: Howdja get in there muthafuckah! 🙂 Just kidding. Thank you so much!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Bette Midler’s After Party Speech (Thank You So Much Erik!)

  1. ha ha a! she’s so cute. i love when she says, “i know you think it’s bullshit, but we really are thrilled to be here!”

    i got a ticket in because my friend is in the business. there were so many celebrities! but i was too shy to talk to any of them. oh well!

  2. Well, I’m glad that you made it in….next time remember celebrities are just like you….except they’re famous or whatever…..

    Love, D

  3. Thanks for the video, Erik!

    Mr.D, I just got back home from the show. She’s phenomenal and gorgeous as ever. I was star struck!LOL…And i got the t-shirts! They’re very pretty and pricey! LOL

    Honey Gee

  4. Thanks for the video Erik!!! Hey, does anyone else have video from the show to share?
    This may sound strange, but my girlfriend got a flyer for me and I put it in my sun vizor of my car so I can have something to look forward to when things are bad.

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