I’m Bored, Let’s Rock, Turn Volume On High!

Mister D: Bette sing Beast of Burden from the Cinemax special “No Frills” Dedicated to Katrin and Crystal…thanks for working with me and being patient…so, I accidentally snipped a little too early! LOL:

Beast of Burden_No Frills

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13 thoughts on “I’m Bored, Let’s Rock, Turn Volume On High!

  1. I absoluetly Love this Video… Thank you Don For Posting for all of us Betteheads out here without this movie… I hope everyone appreciates it…

  2. No need for thanks…but thanks!!! I love this clip and I just felt like having my ears blown out. What a great performance this is….

    Love, Mister D

  3. Don!!!!!
    Where’s the ROAR??? LMAO
    Yall did such a amazing job with this video.
    Rock on Mister D & Mister B !!!

  4. I was thinking about that today Crystal. I have to convince Barry it’s funny….:-) That ding dong sound is getting on my nerves. That means you have to visit AGAIN!!!!!

    Love, Mister D

  5. duh, I already started loving the intro. Isn’t that from “friends” … and I am all alone.

    Yes DON, YOU snipped a lil early 🙂

    btw, I arrived home in one piece though the landing was pretty stormy.

    miss ya

  6. Okay, Miss Katrin, it’s fixed.

    Glad you got home safely. Barry and I really enjoyed your company and you are most welcome to visit anytime…

    Love, D

  7. You made the fans smile again, Mr. D! Thanks for this! Nobody rocks like Bette Midler! She’s truly THE BEST!!!

  8. Wow! Love it! Looks like I did the same as others: i watched it several times back to back…

    I thought she was going to hurt herself swinging that microphone stand around but I think she’s a pro with those things (hence her microphone stand throwing at the end of MY EYE ON YOU from Art or Bust).

    thanks for this… any plans to put it on youtube so I can pass it around?

  9. Well, I think I favor Miss M’s performance of this song on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Actually, I don’t like Bette screaming too much. Believe me or not, I don’t like “When a Man Loves a Woman”; and not only her version, anyone’s version. I think that song doesn’t work for me. I’d change it for “Midnight in Memphis” in a second on The Showgirl Must Go On.

    What I really like would be for The Divine One to sing some of her not-that-famous-inspirational-songs like “My One True Friend”, “Heaven”, “September”, “Mary”, “Every Road Leads Back to You” and, especially, “To Deserve You”.

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