Updates: 03-05-08

Photo: Annie Liebovitz

Mister D:

I’ve put up new music in the jukebox and ipod sections…just play along with that. Use your imagination:

BLB Jukebox: Click Here

Same Songs, Different Voices IPod: Click Here

Also, check out “Bette!” the series here quickly!: Click Here

I’m feeling under the weather, so I will try to slow down for a few days…sorry…I just have those days, you know. There’s a lot of material up…you can catch up. In the meantime, I will try to catch up on some emails.

Much love to you all….

Mister D

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3 thoughts on “Updates: 03-05-08

  1. yay, thanks for uploading new stuff.
    2am and I can’t sleep. Insomnia!!!
    Those timedifferences are driving me nuts.
    say hey to earnie and tell him I miss him!!!
    love ya

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