Reflections Of Comrade Fidel

BetteHead Teran went to a lot of trouble to get this clip, so watch it dammit, and have your sense of humor intact. While you’re watching this, it’s back to writing my memoir and next literary Oprah scandal….And now I present David Letterman:

Thank you to Teran again…

Love, Mister D
(will I always be known as a gentlemanly consonant???)

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6 thoughts on “Reflections Of Comrade Fidel

  1. haha, thanks for posting this.
    Teran is it you? my fav Bettehead from the YUK? How come I haven’t heard from you in ages?
    I have to say that I agree with Fidel I love cream cheese too 🙂
    and Don you’re right, I also can’t imagine a world without Bette.
    wtf, bush will feed miss merkel a hamburger??? lmao.

  2. Hi Mr D & All!

    Cream Cheese I can go without(hence why I always ask my men to shower before sex!)

    A Bagel can be fun to use as a Frisbee when it has gone hard and stale then pitched upside the back of someones head!

    I can even go without suspenders because if they aren’t adjusted in the right way a guy can go waddling around like a penguin with his pants riding up his tuckers so high and his appendage resembling a pair of camel lips. If I’m going to give myself a wedgie like that I insist on him being 6″5, Muscular, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes and named Sven!

    I can even cope with the fact that Sally Field got married to a man, “Who likes her, who really likes her!”

    But a world without Bette Midler ……….. well even the thought makes me wanna put oil fires out with my tongue and drive nails through my eyelids!

    Big Hugz!

    Sydney Australia

  3. Great comments….Manny you are hilarious…

    Cris and Katrin….thanks for stopping by and keeping these comments going….

    And the clip was hilarious….

    I think I owe 2 emails now…. 🙂

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