Save The Dates: Then She Found Me And More….

Mister D:

Here’s some news on the Philly Film Festival and the debut of the “Then She Found Me” trailer:

  • Philadelphia Film Festival April 3 – 15, 2008: Click Here
  • Entertainment Tonight has confirmed to run the broadcast exclusive for the THEN SHE FOUND ME trailer on Thursday, 3/13.
  • AOL Moviefone is the on line component for the trailer debut – this will go up timed to the broadcast debut on ET (7:30pm PST)

Now for a little BLB stuff:

  • Found a few vids and put them in Boot Tube Betty: Click Here
  • Also check out “Wall Of Bette”: Click Here

I also have some music up on my own site if you care to listen: Click Here

Have a great weekend everybody…

Love, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Save The Dates: Then She Found Me And More….

  1. Hey Mr D & All!

    What I am about to say has nothing to do with the topic posted. But in true Manny style I have a tendency to waffle on about shit that has absolutely no fucking meaning at all. But I actually wanted some opinions.

    I am sitting at home listening to the Scissor Sisters first album. (Yes I would love to hear songs written and produced by the Scissor Sisters amongst other specifically for Bette!!!)

    Then it hit me, like running into a shit house wall.

    I imagined Bette singing “Tits On The Radio.”

    How gay would that be???

    P.S. To any of you folks who have no idea what the hell a shit house is, a shit house is Aussie slang for a toilet.

    Big Hugz!

    Sydney Australia


  2. Manny:

    I’ll have to listen to that. You knew they recorded “Oh Industry” which Bette wrote, didn’t you? It was supposed to be on their last CD but it didn’t make the cut. I would have loved to hear what they did with that… 🙂

    Love the slamg!!!!


  3. Mr D:

    Yes, I knew they recorded that. I was really surprised to hear an interview with Jake Shears some time back, saying how much he loves Bette and that she is a huge inspiration for him, but what really knocked me on my ass was the fact that “Thighs & Whispers” is one of his favorite albums and goes every where with him on his iPod.

    Here’s a fun project to get up and running. A poll on “Who would you like to see Bette collaborate with on a new album?” I think people’s suggestions would be very interesting.

    And as far as the slang is concerned, Aussie slang has some of the most vilest words and phrases, some just too vile to mention on such a nice clean website such as BLB!!!!!!!!!!

    Big Hugz!


  4. Manny, it’s always nice to read from you. *hugs* to you all the way from manila!

    Mr. D, as always you give the best info for us betteheads…we can never thank you enough.

  5. Manny, I always enjoy reading your comments. You’re so f*** hilarious. And what a great idea about Bette & The Scissor Sisters working together -no matter in what way. And yes, I also knew they recorded Oh Industry. Is that song somewhere out there? I’d love to hear it.


  6. Maybe we should dig deep to find that song. Anybody have a good list of people that Bette should work with, I feel like I’m too out of touch to even dare come up with a list…

    Love, D

  7. Hey Mr D & All!

    Trying to find a copy of “Oh Industry” recored by the Scissor Sisters will be a tough one and the reasons could be many. Fact is that Jake Shears said that the song didn’t work on the second album, so the chances are it has been shelved and could possibly end up on their new album or as a B side on a single. This is something that a lot of artists do when recording an album.

    Katrin: Thank you for finding my comments hilarious, it really is a nice change to hear someone say such a nice thing about me, normally I just get given a shot of Valium because my friends think I am raving and going through the gay change “Men-are-all-pause.”

    Honeygee: Big Hugs back to you, my little chochkette on the breakfront of life!

    Mr D: I have started compiling a list of “Collaborators” and my reasons why, I think a lot of people will be very surprised with what I have come up with. Is it o.k for me to email it over to you when completed and you can post it somewhere?

    Time to push off, I feel another Valium coming on, just what I need on a Sunday afternoon, getting all nicely doped up so I can skid my way into next weekend, modern pharmaceuticals are a blessed thing!

    Big Hugz!


    You know what fucking part of the world I live in! LOL


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