Bette Bytes: 03-19-08

Photo: Bob Scott

Mister D:

Good morning, flippers and dippers (it’s raining here in Nashville, go figure) – looks like we may have a Bette drought for just a couple of weeks and then I hope Bette does some legwork for “Then She Found Me.” I was told it was a big “maybe” but we’ll have to see, I guess.

My best friend Becky recently got one of her songs sold to play on a reality show called “Intervention” (hmmmmmmmmm…..could be part of my life story) so I decided to check out copyrights on ASCAP and BMI for some odd reason. I really don’t know how my mind works, so let’s not even go there. Anyway, I came across a few more songs that I have to add to my cleverly titled “Songs That Bette Wrote.”

Two of them come from the “No Frills” era I can tell just because of the collaborators, Robert Kraft and Barry Reynolds, who helped put Marianne Faithfull back on the map in the 80’s. She’s still kicking out some dynamo hum records. The songs are called “Love It Up” and “Love On The Video.” Hopefully one day we’ll get to hear what they sound like. The titles sound pretty sexy, Miss M!!!!

And then there is one written with the power duo of Melissa Manchester and Carole Bayer Sager called, “Clinging Vine.” Was this about Martin?????!!!!!! (Oh Lord, I didn’t say that, the readers did). I don’t know what it’s about, but dammit I wanna know. Who is going to do what they need to do to get all these songs released. I mean, we have the Moogy Klingman sessions, the Motown stuff, and other stuff….I don’t really like the word “stuff” but it will have to suffice until the laziness in my bones runs its course. Right now it’s been 52 years, so it should pass soon.

And let’s not forget about “The Showgirl Must Go On” written by Bette, Eric Kornfeld, Bette Sussman, and Eddie Nichols (from Royal Crown Revue) for Bette’s wildly successful run at Caesar’s Palace.

Therefore, we have four new songs to add to the Bette pantheon of written material:

  • Love It Up
  • Love On The Video
  • Clinging Vine
  • The Showgirl Must Go On

* What else is on the agenda: Killer Films was nice enough to get me a “press pass” (smell me!) for a New York screening of “Then She Found Me.” I can’t imagine picking it up asking for “Bootleg Betty” Press. I’ll be flying to New York City on the 16th and meeting my mother and niece to stay for a week.

* I think I forgot to put up some fan pics and the such, so I’ll be digging through emails and files for that. If by chance you’ve sent something in to me and I didn’t get it up….PLEASE!!!! don’t take it personally. It’s just the drugs, honey…and to think, I had a beautiful mind.

Much love,

Mister D

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