Bette On The Finale Of “Murphy Brown”

Bette plays Caprice Feldman, the 93rd secretary and last one Ms. Murphy Brown would have to fire or not hire at all, in the episode before the lights went down for this popular sitcom. It ran from 1988-1998, with Candace Bergen playing the cranky poliical journalist surrounded by a cast of loveable but clueless buffoons. Bette was nominated for an Emmy in this guest appearance. She lost….but as we all figured out, awards mean shit, unless Miss M wins…LOL

Thanks to Mihai for putting this up and to Katrin for bringing it to my attention.

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Bette On The Finale Of “Murphy Brown”

  1. Hehe Loenrac is me Don, Mihai… that’s my youtube stage name 😛
    I wanted to share this video for a long time, but i had some problems editing it
    Anyways it’s all about the Goddess

    So happy weekend to you all !

    Kiss kiss

  2. Oh God….and I spelled your nickname wrong…LOL Sorry, but thanks for putting that up. It was fun to see that again….

    Love, D

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