Happy Easter Or Bunny Day Or Just Another Day

Mister D:

Hope everybody has a great holiday…take this in the spirit it was meant to be – just being Mister D: Click Here


Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Happy Easter Or Bunny Day Or Just Another Day

  1. Dear Don, I was spending my Easter vacation in Madrid, it was great!, and now again in Bilbao. Baby, that’s what I call…. a beautiful welcome……… Why did I have to come back?!. I can’t stop laughing!!!. Love,


  2. GAWD I can’t take this anymore!! Just ’cause I’m orthodox you didn’t send me an update!
    I’m boycotting bootlegbetty for a whole day! YES, A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!! You WILL pay for this, Don Bradshaw! Mark my words!!
    *maniacal laughter*

  3. Dang it….I knew I did something wrong…NO UpDate!!!

    Happy Easter to you Christina…I should have sent something out like I always do…..

    Love, Don

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