Update: New Polls Up Finally!

I’ve put up 4 new polls…a couple you might find a little controversial, but show some spine and play along. You know you can write me and spill your guts and we’ll be fine.

To vote on polls: Click Here

I also have 2 guest bloggers who wrote 2 great reviews and I’m sure they would love to hear your feedback. I’d like to see a few new names in the comments section.

I’ll also be adding a few more songs in the jukebox, just because I feel like it….and you deserve it.

So come on it and do a little readin’, writin’, and votin’ And then do your listening!

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “Update: New Polls Up Finally!

  1. Hey Don,

    Have you ever thought of adding a “Ask Mister D” section sorta like the one Rosie has on her website (her’s is called “Ask Ro”)?? I’d think it’d be a wonderful addition to bootlegbetty. Just a thought. Hope you are well.


  2. You mean like…people email me and ask a question, I answer, and post it on a different page…LOL I guess I just answered my own question…but is it basically like that????

    Plus can I give smartass answers, too?????? Please????

    Love, Don

    PS: Really….is it something like that???

  3. Not even an email… there would be a little box off to the side (on the main page) where people enter their name and a 200 character limit question or comment… then somehow, when you have time, you go through them all and answer whatever you want. Sort of like Dear Abby… except it would be Dear Mister D.

    Check out Rosie’s. Her’s is exactly what I’m talking about.

    and yes, you can leave smartass answers (should we expect anything less–hahaha)

  4. Well, if I can be helpful and a smartass…..I love it. Barry and I will look into it….and you have to be the first. Give me relationship problems and everything…I’ll have an answer. 🙂

    Love, D

  5. omg stephen,
    I loooooove that idea. when I first checked out rosie’s site the “ask rosie” section was one of the things that caught my attention. and don this would/could be perfect for you. I’d love to read some smartass answers 🙂


  6. OMFG!

    Just don’t let me loose giving any kind of advice on something like this. Even I am petrified of what responses might come out of my mouth.

    Feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is a train speeding towards you?

    Guess what?

    It is!

    Oh shit, I’ve started already!

    Big Hugz!


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