Me Protesteth Newest Poster For “Then She Found Me”
(Thanks Jacob For Sending!)

Mister D: Hope to explain more why tomorrow. Just got back from New York and I’m dead tired. xxxooo

Love, Mister D

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8 thoughts on “Me Protesteth Newest Poster For “Then She Found Me”
(Thanks Jacob For Sending!)

  1. Ok, obviously they are not going to get this poster right at all!!! Apparently Helen Hunt is going to be co starring with two animated actors who look nothing like Matthew Broderick or Colin Firth. And AGAIN this poster does not tell you one thing about what this film may be about. And , I understand Bette is not the star but come on, the other one with her on her knees is better than this crap! Im sorry for going off, but this is really horrible. ThinkFilms, if any of you see this, GET IT RIGHT!!!!! I will even help out, Helen in the center, same look on her face as this one, Matthew on her right with his back to her, Colin on her left reaching out to her, Bette in the back poking her head thru a door or something! Now is that so freaking hard?? lets you know who the characters are more than this poster.
    I am sorry Mr. D. I did not mean to go on a rant but this is getting ridiculous. Everyone knows a bad poster can turn people off immediately to a film.

  2. No wonder it took them so long to release this poster: It must have been hard to come up with something so utterly amateurish; and leaving the face of the movie’s biggest name out entirely. This is beyond bad; I hope the people at Think Film have anouther thought about it… I have hardly seen a poster that has had less atmosphere than this one! This is supposed to be a great movie with lots of chemistry; give us a piece of it, please, that makes the audience beg for more!

  3. I don’t like it at all, The film is about a mother who finds her daughter, so because Bette plays the mother i would have thought that she would be on th poster with Helen, not Mathew and Colin.
    The scene on the poster isn’t even a major part of the film ( It takes up like 2 minutes of the film) and is pointless, the perfect poster would be a still photo of April (Helen’s Character) in the bath and Bernice (Bette’s Character) washing Aprils hair, that is a really touching part of the film and would show what the film is about, also it could do with more info on the film and what it is about, What does everyone else think and has anyone else seen the film?

  4. You’ve got to be kidding?? This is the best they could come up with? I thought they were called THINK films. Maybe they can quickly THINK up a better idea!!

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