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Bette Talks “Then She Found Me” And More…(Thank You Peter)

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Peter sends us a great interview from Bette talks Then She Found Me, Oprah, Talk Show, and Vegas. So here it is: Click Here

Love. Mister D

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8 thoughts on “Bette Talks “Then She Found Me” And More…(Thank You Peter)

  1. That was a nice interview. 🙂
    Wouldn’t it have been cool if she had subbed for Oprah? Ha ha, “It’s Oprah’s world and we’re only living in it”.

  2. Perhaps Miss M is right and she shouldn’t do a talk show. But I have to say that I loved when she co-host with Rosie O’Donnell.

    The interview was fine, but The Divine One seemed very tired and old. Maybe it’s time for a facial peeling.

  3. I think it would have been fun to see her sub for Oprah, but as for full time…I’d hate for her to waste her talent on that….also I thought she looked marvelous, but she did seem tired…probably from sitting thru interviews.

    Marcos, she is a pretty busy woman -with the movie stuff, her Vegas show, her charities…you have to really do a lot of networking to get that money rolling in. But I thought she really looked beautiful and sophisticated in this interview….

    Love, Mister D

  4. She looked amazing. Awww…I hope she will visit Oprah again. I really enjoyed her last appearance. And I hope Sophie will go too:)

  5. Mr. D:

    If Dolly can manage all her businesses, career, charity and her place as the 5th wealthiest female entertainer in the US, so can Miss M.

    I didn’t suggest drastic plastic surgery as Cher’s, The Divine One needs her face movements to act, just some peeling to rejuvenate a little. And she should keep on running and loosing weight.

    I bought Celine Dion’s A New Day… Fabulous concert, amazing theater, impressive numbers, great voice and Dion is really nice to her fans (in the 2 disc set, there’s a tribute to her loyal fans). But, aside from Bette’s humor and comedic talent, Celine doesn’t talk and interact with the audience as The Divine One and Dolly. I love to know what they think, the way they think, stories from their own lives etc.

    Mr. D, please, let me know when you get the CD I sent you. It may take 10 business days to go from my country to yours! Can you believe it?!


  6. I think Bette looks fabulous and I`m REALLY happy my all time favorite artist in showbusiness (well,sometimes talented people do make it in the mainstream,you know…LOL!) has grown old as a everybody else in this world…it just reafirms to me that she is a real artist. If you are true fan, as I believe you are, and if you really get her, her looks were (and are) just part of her act. Only one person has mentioned Tolstoi and tits in the same line. Cher certainly can`t…by the way, do you guys know if she has she stopped lip-synching for her Vegas gig? Just curious…:-P

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