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I’m fabulous in this movie, dammit! So go see it! (ArtWork: Lucy Wilkins)

“Hunt is a sympathetic director of actors, particularly Midler, who delivers a fluent performance in this most episodic of films…” – PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER (Carrie Rickey)

“Midler is a wow and then some. Her performance here-one of her very best-achieves maximum impact. This is award-caliber acting that raises the movie’s game.”-ROLLING STONE (Peter Travers)

“Bette Midler has never had a better role on screen.”- ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT (Leonard Maltin)

“Midler gives perhaps the most restrained, and arguably the most winning, performance of her screen career.”- NY POST (Lou Lumenick)

“….Bernice remains amusing and engaging is a tribute to Midler’s shrewd underplaying of a character that could come off as a caricature.”- VARIETY (Joe Leydon)

“If she’d directed Midler when she began making movies, Midler might have had a film career instead of a sideline. Hunt knows when to rein in the Divine Miss M instead of allowing her to go into full Kabuki mode. It’s believable that April, who has just lost her adoptive mother, would accept mothering from this relative stranger only because of the warmth and gentleness Midler displays between hammy scenes.” – SAN FRANCISCO GATE (Ruthe Stein)

“Helen Hunt’s directing debut gives Bette Midler (and herself) their best roles in years…” – KNIGHT AT THE MOVIES (Richard Knight, Jr.)

“In this movie, she (Bette Midler) scores a bullseye for me. It’s a part deserving of her talent and she shines.” – BOOTLEG BETTY (The Divine Mister D) 🙂

“It’s gratifying to see Midler carry out such a polished, nuanced comedic turn while Firth’s stoic grace and wiry moodiness conspire – and almost succeed – in stealing the show.” NEWSDAY (Gene Seymour)

“She (Helen Hunt) and Midler are terrific together. It’s good to see them both on screen again, particularly in a film that doesn’t insult anyone’s intelligence.” – NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (Glenn Whipp)

“Then there is Bette Midler, and, fans of the great Midler need know nothing more than she’s in a movie with a juicy role.”ASHBURY PARK PRESS (Eleanor O’ Sullivan)

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  1. Mr. D….do you know if this movie is to be released NATIONWIDE this weekend?

    I mean….there isn’t a SINGLE theater in my vicinity playing this movie….very upsettting since I, along with lots of others, have been waiting for this movie to come out for over a year!

    Hmph….this movie has caused me nothing but frustration!

  2. That’s what was said….it looks like they are trying to expand into all the major markets. We’re all frustrated but the movie is small without a big budget for a full rollout like the major studios….breathe and give it time. Here’s the dates again that I know of….

    Click Here

    Sorry, but I don’t have control over this…I just try to pass the best info I can get….I was surprised, too…

    Hope it gets to you soon!

    Love, D

  3. Well, it looks like it’s not playing Nashville either altho the list says it does…..what a bummer. I wonder how many other theaters will be effected…???


  4. May 2 is still a limited release into major markets across the U.S. Next week, May 9 will be a wider release, and all markets should get the film by May 23.

    I know it’s frustrating but, like Mr. D said, it has a very limited budget. It will be this year’s “Away From Her” or something.

    Have patience because it a beautiful film well worth the time! 🙂

  5. Thank you Jacob. You said that beautifully. Sometimes I get frustrated and I can’t word things the way I want to, but you did. Now I feel at ease…LOL

    BTW-Nashville gets the movie on the 15th or 16th

  6. Mr D!!! I have a review update for you. Ebert and Roeper at the Movies. Not good news. Richard Roeper did not like it. Michael Phillips , the guest critic, did not recommend it either. BUT!!! Michael Phillips, critic for the Chicago Tribune, did have this to say in his review…” The only thing that got me through it really , and I do not recommend it, is the idea of seeing Bette Midler again. I think you can feel an audience warming to her.” And when he said this, Richard Roeper did nod in agreement and say ” Yeah, yeah.” Sooooo….we take the positive where we can 😀 Just wanted to give a heads up!
    much love

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