Bettes And Pieces: TSFM Box Office And More – May 5, 2008

ArtWork: Lucy Wilkins

Mister D:

  • In it’s second week, Then She Found Me expanded to 53 theaters taking in 222, 000 with a per screen average of $4,188. As far as chart moves go, it rose from #45 to #22. This week it should expand to about 44 more theaters so check this link to see if you’re close enough to see it….: Click Here
  • Darrell over at Bette On The Boards has a new video up for the month. It’s a gorgeous, goosebump version of “Superstar” from Bette’s guest on an old Burt Bacharach special. While you’re there. take a gander at some of his recent updates. Definitely worth a look: Click Here
  • Hayley, my little wonder fairy, has been sending me screen caps of some of Bette’s movies…so far, we have updates on Bette’s last Oprah visit, The Rose, and Outrageous Fortune. So I take my hat off to her. To browse the Bette gallery: Click Here
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer commented she was glad that we got Rotten Tomatoes to change her review from rotten to fresh as it should’ve been. So that was extremely nice of her to stop by. Yes, after writing her, I think she is an objective BetteHead! 🙂Click Here

Love, Mister D

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One thought on “Bettes And Pieces: TSFM Box Office And More – May 5, 2008

  1. well I am so glad they changed the classification oh her review! I knew it, The power of the Bettehead! When Betteheads band together we can rule… uh….I mean CHANGE the world!! 😀 hehe

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