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Where’s Mister D? “Who Cares!” The BetteHeads Scream

Mister D:

Well, since you asked, I’ve been taking voice lessons and working on getting a passport. Yes, I’m Canada bound in a month to meet Cris from Brazil and hopefully Darrell from Bette On The Boards. Anybody else from Toronto?…I’d love to meet. This will happen in June. I’ll be in Niagara, Ontario, too for 2 days.

As far as Bette stuff, I’ve been working in the Boot Tube Betty section (adding vids) and working on the Resources page (which has been fun). So that’s where I’ve been hiding out.

I’m also loving all the good notices on Then She Found Me and of course, Bette’s Oscar-worthy performance. Well, it is…!!!

Andy wrote in to tell us that “Monday, May 19 at 8 pm. Eastern time Sarah Jessica Parker is going to be the guest on Inside the Actors studio on Bravo. SO most likely Bette will be mentioned somewhere either in the aspect of inspiration or the fact they worked together on Hocus Pocus and First WIves Club.” And I, too, think Bette will come up. If she doesn’t get mentioned, may all Mr. Lipton’s index cards burn in hell!

Also take a gander at Ms. M in the pics below. Talk about divine!

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Where’s Mister D? “Who Cares!” The BetteHeads Scream

  1. Tom Waits tickets went on sale today. I’m seeing him in St. Louis on June 26th. It’s interesting to see (in a ‘press conference’ video why he’s touring the path he’s on). I thought I’d mention him touring since he’s been a part of Bette’s career (they recorded “Perfect Strangers”, and Bette has done several of his songs: “Shiver Me Timbers”, “Martha”, “Rainbow Sleeve”).

  2. Hey there.. (you with the stars in your eyes)

    I made a friend a mix CD of Bette songs (she asked me to as all she knew were the standards i.e. Wind) so I picked a bunch I thought were Bette’s greatest hits.

    I wanted to see what everyone thought of my choices:

    1) Up! Up! Up!
    2) Here Comes the Flood
    3) Whose Side Are You On?
    4) Drinking Again
    5) In The Mood
    6) You Can’t Always Get What You Want / I Shall Be Released
    7) Daytime Hustler
    8) Am I Blue
    9) One For My Baby (and One More For The Road)
    10) Stuff Like That There
    11) For All We Know
    12) Long John Blues
    13) Those Wonderful Sophie Tucker Jokes
    14) My Eye On You
    15) Some People’s Lives
    16) Keep On Rockin’
    17) Martha
    18) Let Me Just Follow Behind
    19) Buckets of Rain (w/ Bob Dylan)
    20) Strike It While It’s Hot (w/ Dan Hicks)

  3. OH MY GOD!!! I know he is going to tour this summer…well, his kind of summer tour.LOL! Now that I was starting to live with the fact that I can`t go to the States to see Bette perform I hear Tom Waits is going to tour. Dam, if Donnie was coming to see me I would definetly kill myself! LOL!

    Don,I think I post TWO incomplete messages…can you delete them? I got this huge fake nails…they look faaaaaabulous, but I can`t type! LOL!

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