UPDATED: This Ticket Problem Has Been Fixed

Well, I am and I’m not even going. This was the presale where the General Public (non-Amex users) could type in the password DIVINE and buy tix. It’s a 24 hour deal. So far that option is not available…

I found this email where one can write, but no phone number. AEG LIVE is the sponsor: support@aeglive.com

Any help would be appreciated…..
Here’s the link to buy tickets: CLICK HERE

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10 thoughts on “UPDATED: This Ticket Problem Has Been Fixed

  1. This information is what a friend of mine has gathered so far…

    “Well, here’s the latest with Ticketmaster. They never updated the presale for today (and tomorrow) with the “divine” password. The only presale on their website is still the American Express presale. When I called Ticketmaster they said the only presale they are aware of is the AMEX pre-sale, and they have no presale information with a “divine” password.

    I called the Colosseum and they don’t know what’s going on either. The lady at the Caesars Palace box office got online, and noticed Ticketmaster just had the AMEX pre-sale listed also. She’s notifying the Manager of the Box Office, and he’s supposed to call me back today with information.”

  2. I always find the best seats on front orchestra 2. I wish i could find smth more center stage. Do you have any idea about what i should do or what im doing wrong ?


  3. Mihai: This is what I told Jamie. The answer is so complicated and there is no guarantee…..

    “Definitely do it online. It’s very rare that you will get front row….unfortunately because of comp tix, certain blocks held for contests, etc…, but it’s not impossible.

    Just remember to have all your information registered for Ticketmaster and start trying to get your tix even before they go on sale….just keep doing what you’re supposed to do a little ahead of when they go on sale….just in case they release the seats a few minutes early. Most people try for the center section. You have a better chance of getting close if you pick a left or right section.

    Also, remember the longer you analyze the tickets that come up…tickets are still selling at a rapid pace, So you need to make your mind up quick or else you’ll get further and further back….

    The other thing is to go through one of those brokers afterwards who somehow hog up the good seats….I put a pretty reputable one on the site called Tickets Now…..but they will be really expensive. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth it.

    Anyway, just be prepared and study the seating arrangements, so when you see your tickets you know exactly where you are and can make fast decisions…”

  4. It is annoying cos you cannot see all the tickets for a certain date so that you can choose. They show you one- two seats and then you have to go back and forth. Maybe there isnt a really close seat, but at least it’s centerstage.
    I wonder if calling there would help…

    Thank you for the response

  5. Calling is usually worse. It takes forever to get an operator and by the time you get one….tickets have been selling at a rapid pace.

    Sometimes if you call for an event in Vegas….the hotel where the person is playing….they may have good seats but you have to buy some kind of hotel package and it could become quite expensive…but it’s worth a try.

    Love, Don

  6. OMYGOSH Mihai DO NOT call them! It’s a hassle:( I purchased tix for July 11th on ticketmaster for front orchestra seating. Don’t worry about it too much. I saw Bette on opening night and really…every seat is good.

  7. Haha i wont call. Anyways im shy… 😛
    I got to buy my tickets and im happy about them. Especially for her Glory of Love where she kinda seats close to the section 3, where i got my tickets for 17th of Oct.
    So anyone going then lemme know

    Thank you guys for your help.

    I saw Bette in March as well, and yes Jamie all seats are good, but i want to see her closer this time 😛


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