The Original “The Women” Trailer

Thanks to Ron who brought this to my attention…it’s the original trailer for “The Women” and it’s fabulous. Wait till you see this cast. Anyway, no matter what one thinks of the remake, I do believe it’s worth your while to check out this movie. No men in sight and a biting script.

The part Bette will be interpreting is the same part actress Mary Boland portrayed in this movie. It was a small part, but believe me with the right actress it remains memorable. You can see her about 1 minute and 28 seconds into the clip. If I remember correctly she likes to drink…alot.

To view the trailer: Click Here

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3 thoughts on “The Original “The Women” Trailer

  1. Oh, the character likes to drink a lot??? Ok, I changed my mind, I`m seeing it as soon as it comes out…LOL! 🙂

  2. Don, I went to the site and it says the video isn`t avaible in my country…dam, even if I come to Canada I can`t get this stuff! 😛

  3. Don, darling!!
    I LOVE the original. YES the character did like to drink ” I’ll just have another little drinky-poo!” LOLOLOL I just bought the dvd and I said all along that if Bette were to play a part in this new version it HAD to be the Countess DeLave!! the multi-divorced-wont-stop-believing-in-love woman! If the character is similar to the original at all, Bette is PERFECT for it! 😀

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