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Save The Dates: Leno And The View And More, More, More
(How Do Ya Like It????)

  1. Bette will be performing on Jay Leno Friday, June 20 and The View on Friday Jun 27th.
  2. The View performance will be filmed on Wednesday the 25th and aired on Friday the 27th. I’m not quite sure what all will be done on Leno, but for The View…look for all the dancers and The Harlettes to appear.
  3. My interview with Bette’s writer, Eric Kornfeld, is still ongoing due to time constraints, but I’m happy to say I love what I see so far. It’s basically a 10 question dealie, but my inquiries are ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy, my dears, they take a lot of thought. Actually I’m just low on Eric’s priority list….Diva!!!! But I think you’ll enjoy it. I was just excited to see he was working on it….
  4. One of Bette’s Harlettes, Kamilah Marshall. has recorded a new song which you can hear on her My Space page. Great song, Great Vocals, Great Sound. If you’d like to take a listen: Click Here
  5. And I have a new My Space page….the 1000th one I’ve had, but if you’d like to be my friend (again) here’s my My Space page. I promise to keep it up (the wishy washiness is under control)…OR IS IT????!!!!! ūüôā Here’s the link: Click Here
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20 thoughts on “Save The Dates: Leno And The View And More, More, More
(How Do Ya Like It????)

  1. Not that I like to advertise the aging process, but my bday is the 20th! Yay! I’ll have to do pre-party cocktailing with Jay Leno that night!!!

  2. You’re 20 and worrying about it?????? If I were there with you I’d slap you silly (not really) When you reach 52 then call me and we’ll worry together!!! Love you Spence…

    Just in case…Happy Early Birthday, Twink!

    Love, Don

  3. oh old man, I think spencer isn’t talking about his 20th bday, he’s talking about his bday on the 20th of june… lolz

    thanks for all the great information. we’d all be lost without you. I can’t wait to read your interview with eric and I hope someone will record the view and jay leno for the poor souls that live outside the US *please*

    love ya’ll

    oh and btw, Kamilah’s song is really awesome.

  4. Looooved this pics of Bette on the right side of the menu…the one she is sitting on the chair…:-) Is it new? Well, you know me, I stop by everyday but sometimes I miss things…LOL!

    Ok, I`m on my way to see Leonard Cohen…la-ri-da!

  5. thanks for this info! I almost had a chance to be in Vegas for the View tapings…wow, just barely missed those…BECAUSE we will be there that following weekend!!! yes, ’tis true!

    besides Bette, we are also seeing Wayne Brady and Zumanity…

    so, pick yourself up off the floor (yes, I actually came by this site and commented!!)…remember to look for me over on MySpace…sorry I have been M.I.A….lots of life happening…

    toodles and hugs!

  6. Cris: Glad you enjoyed the show. If you know of any little papers that talk about clubs and whose playing where let me know the name of it.\\

    Becci: I loved the song and I just like Kamillah’s attitude, period. That song is so different from what you hear on the radio…I loved it…very organic.

    ~G: Great to see you. The comment section isn’t meant to make you a prisoner of it…:-) Just drop by if and when you want. That’s so exciting about your Vegas trip. You must take pics. Take care….

    Love, D

  7. I LOVE Kamilah!! I’ve loved her since KMB and Hairspray. But I love her even MORE now!! She’s a really genuine person, and you’re right… she has a GREAT attitude! Can’t wait to see her in showgirl… twice!!

  8. Mister D!! How dare you try to convince me to tell you that he’s going to be 24!!! I wouldn’t tell his business on a public forum like this….honestly! He’s my dear, dear friend and I will not tell you that he’s going to be 24!!

    Yeah, that didn’t give me nearly the amount of satisfaction I thought it would…maybe because he’s only going to be 24!! He’s still just a baby!!

  9. Oh dear….Amy my lips are sealed….but 24 reminds that Spence will be singing “Hello In There” real soon….glad you’re there to change the bedpan…:-)

    Love, D

  10. Funny you should say that! He just sang “Hello In There” at his cabaret on Monday!!! LOL! Of course it was fantastic, making it nearly impossible NOT to love him….NEARLY impossible, mind you….:)

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