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BLB UpDate: 06-09-08

  • New music up in the old faithful Bootleg Betty Jukebox
  • Also new music up in the Same Songs, Other Voices iPod. This section has always been, for the most part about finding other artists versions of songs Bette has performed. And it still is, except this time it leans more heavily on songs Bette may have only sung once, recorded and tossed away, or thought about recording. So I went digging using Darrell’s Bette On The Boards as my template for much of her 70’s and 80’s work. I think I got as far as the M’s, so I have more to go….but this little exercise if fun for me and I hope you find it interesting. There will always be tons of cover versions…

    If you know of any good covers of songs Bette has sung, feel free to share…they can range from the ridiculous to the sublime. It’s all in fun.

  • For the Bootleg Betty Jukebox: Click Here
  • For the Same Songs, Other Voices iPod: Click Here
  • If you are a MySpacer, I’d be honored if you dropped by and/or put in a friend request. You can check out my profile at: Click Here
  • Also, one of Bette’s talented Harlettes, Ms. Kamilah Marshall, has a MySpace page featuring her new song Sis Shaw. Drop by, listen to the song, and give her a nice shout out: Click Here
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Have a good week!

Love, Mister D

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