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The Harlettes – Video Bloooooooog It – MatchMaker Fame

Mister D:

Okay….the girls just keep on video bloooooooooooooging it down the road with special guest Bette Sussman. I am going to do my best to get in one of these videos….even if I have to sing Matchmaker with Bette Sussman. I wonder if the girls could help me punch up “Who Will Buy” from “Oliver!” To view their video bloooooog: Click Here

Speaking of Bette Sussman, she just opened up a My Space page, so all you My Spacers should visit her site and if you so wish ask to be a friend. Click Here

And I stole this picture off her My Space page…LOL. The 2 Bette’s learn how to cook….yum!

Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “The Harlettes – Video Bloooooooog It – MatchMaker Fame

  1. I think the guy in the black shirt is the manager/owner of the restaurant….

    I’ll be leaving August 7th for Hammond.

  2. They are making bread.
    Bette was at a resturant in Vegas and she loved the rolls so much, she asked for a private cooking lesson with the head chef =]

  3. Thank you Wendy Poo…I remember reading that somewhere. Thank God it wasn’t my sweet little Moronica!

  4. No problem.
    thats what i’m here for ;]
    whoa son…its been a while sense i’ve checked in, huh?

  5. Crystal: I thought it was one of the guys from the store… check out your pictures, they might be twins.

  6. Thats really cool! Maybe the food is really great there. Does anyone know the name?
    Katrin: I think you’re right! I remember those guys saying they’re not in the show.
    Don: I’m heading to Chicago for Lollapolooza. Just thought you might stop there on the way…then again I have no clue where Hammond is. haha

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