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A Bette-Tastic weekend in Vegas (from Jamie Lee)

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10 thoughts on “A Bette-Tastic weekend in Vegas (from Jamie Lee)

  1. Jamie Lee,

    Thanks heaps for sharing that with us, and what a road trip!!! You must have had such a fun time, but I do have one question though.

    Where do you stop if you have to do a tinkle in the middle of the desert, Do you wait until you find some tumble weed and go behind that or are there rest stops?


  2. Manny, You are more than welcome. I did this for my fellow Betteheads:) Yes, there are many rest stops. Lol

  3. Hopefully there’s a rest stop…I’d hate to think i might run into a cactus!!!! Ouch!

    Thanks Jamie for the vid and to the girls…ya’ll were very entertaining… 🙂

    Love, D

  4. Don:
    running into a cactus…
    I think that’s what they call “acupuncture” lol

    I love that video and thanks for sharing it with us. omg, you’ve seen the show 3 times so far. That’s what they call “decadent” I’m so jealous and so happy for you!!!

  5. Katrin, Girrrrl…if anything, I am jealous of YOU!!! You got to meet her… TWICE!

    Don, is there anyway you can pull some strings on closing night so that my dream will finally come true? LOL

  6. Jamie Lee,

    If my dreams were too come true, he would be 6″5 tall, body chiseled out by the hand of God, Blond hair, Blue eyes, killer smile and afucking dick of death!!!!

    I’ll never walk again!!!!


  7. Oh Manny….you just described me….how divine!

    Jamie, I will try to pull as many strings as possible as if I had that kind of pull…..

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