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Down Under: “Living Life – Boomer Style”

(Wheeee!!!! I’m getting press in The Land Down Under!!!!)

My new friend Michael Holloway from way Down Under contributes to a magazine there on a regular basis, called “Living Life – Boomer Style” and he just had an article published on Miss M complete with links to merchandise and whatnot. So please check it out and thank whomever that she is getting some press outside of the States. Here’s a link to the article: Click Here

He also has a friend, Jon Peter Lewis, whom some will remember from American Idol (Okay, I’m lazy, and forget what season). Anyway, he’s a fabulous musician and he’s just released a new CD entitled, “Break The Silence.” Here’s Michael’s article on Jon Peter Lewis: Click Here Word of mouth has the CD being filled with beautiful music. So you might want to check out his new CD.

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4 thoughts on “Down Under: “Living Life – Boomer Style”

  1. OMG, i love the article, i nearly peed myself,
    (i didn’t though, thank god)
    The Queens purse bit is sooo funny,
    Loved it,


  2. Dear Mister D

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my article and for helping promote Jon’s music as well. You are a wonderful person and I’m grateful to you for your kindness.

    Cheers, Michael

  3. thanks for posting about the great Michael Holloway article and the new album by Jon Peter Lewis. i bought “Break the Silence” and LOVE it! 🙂

  4. Thanks Mish, but you guys are the great ones.

    I know I will love Jon’s new album, when it actually arrives in the mail. Our postal system here is so slow, I could have swum to the US and picked up my CD faster!

    Or maybe Delores DeLago might have been happy to lend a friendly fin.

    [Delores is a character played by Bette for friendly newcomers to Bette-land.]

    Then again, who would be brave enough to ask Delores to do errands?

    Which reminds me of a classic Delores joke where one of her mermaid entourage actually had the chutzpah to talk back to the divine one!

    One says “Haven’t you heard, Delores still thinks she’s the Toast Of Chicago…”

    The other one says “Toast Of Chicago, my split-footed, sordid, three pound ass! Hey DeLago, I got news for ya, you ain’t no better than the rest of us!”

    Here’s an interesting thought…would our boy Jon fit in The Queen’s purse? Is he the mysterious sprite stitching up them hats for her?

    Cheers, Michael

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