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Are People Really This Clueless? Here We Go Again!


In a recent show, she said Bush is a big fan of hers and his drug dealer got him some tickets to one of her shows many years ago. I’d like to see her produce some PROOF of that rather than her unsupported contention. In any case, how did she know about what “Bush’s drug dealer” did?

Mister D:

These are the kind of people that are the cause of the mess we are in now as far as I’m concerned. Ignorance breeds ignorance so that means there is a lot of breeding going on….Thank God I’m gay. In fact I venture to say that’s why we’re here….to counteract over breeding….whatever, I’m cranky!

Ray is a blogovist and writes shorts apparently…I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but really: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “Are People Really This Clueless? Here We Go Again!

  1. OMG,
    Didn’t she say that a while back?
    People take things too seriously,
    Personally i thought it was funny when she said it, so did the crowd
    And i know most people who read the article will find it funny too,
    Just take a joke man!


  2. Yes, these people really ARE this clueless! They have no sense of humor! Like Bette says, F’em if they can’t take a joke!! I’m thinking there’s a reason Ray writes “shorts.”

  3. Yesterday was a freaky day and when I saw this old story dug up I lost it.

    The story is so over the top I just can’t imagine someone taking it seriously, unless they were an absolute moron…


    Maybe I’d be happier being a moron. I’ll talk to Moronica…she’s pretty happy, but REALLY a smart turkey!

  4. She said this JOKE at Madison Square Garden for the Hurricane Katrina benefit concert, which I saw live. The concert took place October, 2005. It truly is amazing how some people can not take a joke!

  5. I know…I have the whole thing on video…that’s why I could not believe this was coming up AGAIN!!!! This now gives me a really good reason to not look forward to the rest of this presidential campaign.

    This guy should be thinking about all the horrible things Bush has done to this country the last 8 years and the above misinterpretation of Miss M is the best he can come up with????

  6. LOL I remember that bit…it was during “Kiss My Brass”. I thought it was hilarious anyway…Go Miss M!;)

  7. I read a study about how there actually is a percentage of people out there who’s brains can’t differentiate satire and sarcasm from the truth. I think it came up soon after The Colbert Report started getting attention on Comedy Central. Clearly, this man is part of that percentage.

    (Still…we should ask Bush’s drug dealer and find out!)

  8. Hey Mr D & All!

    Well I guess this is what happens to a person when they have nothing better to do than sit around sniffing their own farts LOL!

    BTW – Ms Midler, my dealer in Sydney Australia asked me to remind you that you still owe him fifty bucks!


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