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Tid-Bettes: 8-24-08

(Bette recording her first album, “The Divine Miss M”)

  • Ray Cooper has blessed us with another one of his Bette Tales from the past, “Before She Was Famous, Part I.” We will have another submission next week, and then we will run them every other week. Please take advantage of these stories and read them. They truly are gems.

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    We would truly love to have feedback on these stories.

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  • I heard from Darrell (Bette On The Boards) and he said the Bette and Cher photo I posted a few days ago is real – he has a print of the real picture. “It’s from a deleted skit from the 1975 show. Bette’s solo wasn’t the only thing left out.”
  • Jonathan wrote in to tell us about this interesting new artist. I checked out what he does and it would be really rad (I’m hip) to get this guy to draw Bette. Jonathan can tell you how…and many thanks to him!:

Hey Mister D

There is a really talented artist on youtube who draws Celebrities. The public have to vote for a celebrity in order for him to draw them. I have managed to get Bette in the top 20. All you have to do is comment on this video and one comment equals one point. However, if you post a video response, that equals 50 points. Thats how i got Bette in the top 20. I think you can vote as many times as possible

Thanks to Ray, Darrell, and Jonathan

Love, Mister D

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5 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes: 8-24-08

  1. Ray, you outdid yourself with this new Bette story! To have been there at the Baths, as “it” was all starting for Bette, and for you to recognize the uniqueness of Bette’s talent and charisma, has to have been incredible! Thank you for sharing all these truly interesting and riveting stories with us. I can’t wait for the rest. Thank you.

  2. WOW, this is great!
    i loved everybit of it, again i was hooked from the beginning,
    How cool it must have been to hang out with Miss M before she was anyone really,
    and as far as “The Thorn” goes, i haven’t watched it but it isnt something that interests me actually, which is weird coz Bette is in it hehe,
    great memories, i wish my memory was this good 🙂
    thank you soooo much, im just waiting for the next instalment 😀

    Hayley xx

  3. Thanks Ray for these early memories!!!!!!!! I enjoyed them SO MUCH!!!!!!!!. I’m waiting for moreeeeeeeeee!!!,


  4. I have to say the same thing EZE. When I’m working on them I get so sucked into the stories that I just want all of them at once….

    Love, D

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