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  1. Vanity Fair: October 2008 (Marilyn Monroe cover)
    Q: “What is your favorite spot in Central Park?”
    Bette Midler: “The Conservatory Garden at 105th Street and Fifth Avenue, It was restored by Lynden Miller and is a knockout during any season.”

    ps. Your email doesn’t work Gonadra.

  2. I think that since Bette’s character had such an impact on Mary, the film needed more of her (Bette). Especially in the party scene toward the end of the movie – that scene had a First Wives Club feel to it.
    I was just glad there weren’t any pop-up “joggers” passing by 😉

  3. I happen to agree with you….ta da and as far as the jogger…I finally saw what you were talking about….LOL

    Love, Don

  4. Um say for example I was hypothetically watching E! News and they hypothetically had a whole spot about this movie in and they hypothetically said nothing about Bette. At all. Um ya. Just a hypothetical example.

  5. SO WAS I! um hypothetically. they going on and on about meg ryan and that other ugly one what’s-her-face and showing clips of the movie and it lasted like five hours… i waited and waited by the screen… but nothing.
    hypothetically, that is.

  6. Too bad the movie sucks. I went to see it opening night wanting to like it. It’s terrible! It’s always nice to see our Miss M, but seeing her in a good movie would be better!

  7. did you see the movie? i wasn’t impressed. bette’s scene was probably the best thing in it. and i’m not saying that because i’m biased.

  8. Well, I haven’t seen it yet guys, so duly noted. I noticed the reviews haven’t been quite good either. I guess it’s good she only had about 5 minutes in it then.

    Love, Mister D

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