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Bette Midler, Not Madonna

Mister D: For those who know how to do it — make sure you post this video to your MySpace and Facebook pages (and whatever else there is). It would also be great to post a link to the CD if you can. To use the Amazon link, you can click on the CD below and copy/paste the link from there. For other stores, you’ll have to figure out the code for yourselves…sorry, I don’t have all of them. Let’s get Bette in the Top Ten for the first week. Number One would be a nice goal…. 🙂 :

(written and directed by Eric Kornfeld)

Pre-order Bette’s New CD
Release Date: 9-23-08

Here is the Madonna video Bette is parodying:

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11 thoughts on “Bette Midler, Not Madonna

  1. Gee, Must have been having one of those blonde moments,
    I wondered why it was called “Bette Midler ….Not Madonna”,
    now i know, hehe,
    And well what can i say, except GO BETTE!!
    I never have and never will like Madonna so this is sooo cool,
    I love it when Bette takes the piss out of other artists, especially her! 😀

    Hayley xx

  2. Well, i think it is a great idea,
    But why does everyone insist that us YUK-ers speak like that,
    We dont, well at least not anyone i have ever met, LOL
    maybe the Queen :S
    But i don’t mind her makeing us sound proper, you can never be offended by that 😀 😀
    I know i will never tire of this video 🙂

    Hayley xx

  3. Oooh….now it`s even funnier!!!!! 😛 Even the international adoptions thing..:-P

    Well, since I have no interest in knowing what the hell Madonna does,I didn`t know about this video…LOL!

  4. Hello my lovely mister d! I have lost your email addy! i think i have spotted it on this divine site but i’m blonde so it’s took me till now as i’m writing this message! 😛 Just to give the UK fans a heads up Film 2008 is giving a review of Then She Found me today as in Tues 16th Sept on BBC 1 @ 10.35pm (BBC Scotland, might be different for England etc) All i know is it’s interviews with the cast. Although all he mentioned was colin firth.

    mucho love

    nic and ellis.


    have you seen the video of bette and dustin hoffman?!

    They dance so beautifully together! One of the best videos i’ve seen in a long time.


    get in touch

    my email is

    much love

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