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Updated: DVD PALS and NO ON Props 8

Mister D: My friend Ron sent in these 2 bits of important information. Please Read!

Hello Again Divine Mr. D,

I just noticed that the amazon US website has indicated that the two-disc Diva Las Vegas, due out next week, has the DVD in the PAL/Region 0 format. Essentially, Region 0 means that it will play in most/any DVD players throughout the world; however, there are a few DVD players out there that require specific Regions and will block Region 0 discs from being played. If that should happen, you should be able to play the DVD disc without difficulty on your computer/laptop’s DVD drive, or check your owner’s manual for the unlock code(s). If the manual doesn’t list one, you can purchase a region-free DVD player online, or buy the code from, however there’s a fee for it (about $16 U.S.). Another opportunity is to google “DVD player unlock code Make/Model” and enter the make and model of your DVD player into the search (e.g., Sony DVP-NS355) and try to get your code for free. Originally, DVD unlock codes were published on the internet for free, but now it seems like it has become an enterprise where websites want to charge you for that information.

Also, on the Amazon UK site, the “Best Bette” is still in the top 25 at #22, and it’s #2 on the UK Amazon Easy Listening Charts. Great Legs, that Bette!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Vote “No on Proposition 8”

P.S. Don, I don’t know how many Bette fans you have in California, but maybe you can do a shout-out for everyone to vote No on Proposition 8, whilst they vote for Barack Obama. As you know, about 6 months ago, California legalized gay marriage, and now Proposition 8 is trying to take it away from us. Oddly enough, most of the funding for Proposition 8 (a “Yes” vote defines marriage as only between a man and a woman) is coming from the Mormons in Utah (where they feel it’s okay to marry as many people as they can). It wasn’t until last week, when it looked like Proposition 8 might actually pass (meaning no gay marriages) that celebrities came out to push for the No on 8 vote (Ellen, George Takei of Star Trek fame, Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt have each donated over $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign). Polls have it as about 50/50 right now, so it’s going to be a close call. To find out more, visit Thanks!

  • Ashley writes in to say the same type of vote is happening in Florida. There you’ll want to Vote NO on Proposition 2
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