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Another Viewpoint On The DVD Of Diva Las Vegas….

Mister D: Well, at least the CD will work no matter if the DVD doesn’t. I just got another viewpoint from a friend, Steve, who says this:

It doesn’t matter if you can get your DVD player to play a region 0 disc. The PAL video system is not compatible with our NTSC TV system. You MUST have a multi region player that can convert PAL to NTSC in order for you to see the picture on our TV.

For the other viewpoint, check out this post: Click Here

I’m going to get the damn thing anyway. At least there’s CD with the DVD and I’ll figure out some way to make the little DVD fucker to work.

Anyway, thanks guys. May the force be with you!

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “Another Viewpoint On The DVD Of Diva Las Vegas….

  1. I don’t think the TV has anything to do with it.

    I have a PAL version of Diva Las Vegas and made my DVD player Region 0 using a code I found online. It works fine for me.

    Basically, if you can find a region hack for your DVD player (you’ll need the brand name and model #) you will be able to play it.

  2. Does anyone know why a domestic version of this concert has never been released. It dosen’t make sense! Particularly with the Bette Store and all, you’d think they could sell these things by the boat load. Why would Cher’s HBO concert be available and not Bette’s, I just don’t understand it. Frustrating!!! I have a bootleg version of course, but why, why, why can’t we have the real deal!

    Okay, done venting.

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