Updates: Feb 20, 2008

  • Tickets went on sale today for the general public for the May-June dates of Bette’s Vegas show. I updated a lot about that, so that should not be a shocker.
  • New music in Mister D’s playlist…probably close to 75-100 songs. Mostly early influences artists, part I. Anyway, I had a ball waltzing down memory lane. Hope you enjoy the songs and artists as well. It’s mostly large blocks of people you will probably know….deep tracks, not necessarily their hits. To listen and enjoy: Click Here
  • New music is in Same Songs, Other Voices. I dug deep in research thanks to Darrell’s Bette on the Boards Song Directory Page to find some of these songs. They aren’t sung by Bette, but you can get an idea of what they might have turned out like if she had sung them. So have fun with this. Of course, I’ll keep finding different versions of all of her songs she’s sung or recorded. Or at least attempt to. To Listen: Click Here
  • Don’t forget to look at the 2 new videos put up. That means now, before You Tube finds them and takes them down. Both are great – one from 1978 and one from 1991. Both classic Bette no matter the era.
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  • Don’t forget the Oscars. Watch them just in case Bette shows up. You never know, especially this year since everything is being kept so secret. Here are the nominees: Click Here
  • Next week….more Bette Bette music in the BLB jukebox and another Ray Cooper story
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6 thoughts on “Updates: Feb 20, 2008

  1. I woke up this morning and realized it’s been exactly one year since I saw Bette live for the first time:)Looking forward to all this Don<3

  2. Well that make me and you…I’m enjoying it right now. I do hope I get to Vegas one more time. They didn’t even have souvenir books when I went…

  3. Hey Mister D! (see this time i addressed you in the correct manner! 😛 lol)

    I will of course be staying up all night to watch the oscars anyway as it kicks off at 2.30am here and has become a tradition amoung me and my friends to make a night of it(we get dressed up and get very drunk! Sad i know but we like it!) Anyway what i’m wanting to ask is have you heard that Bette might be on from a good source or is it just a hopeful maybe?


  4. Hey Barry and our friends dress up, too, so there!!! You’re not alone.

    It’s just a maybe. They really are keeping it a secret about who’s showing up and backing out. I talked to Mr. Vilanch who writes the Oscars and he said he just couldn’t tell me. Bette’s people wouldn’t tell me. So we’re all gonna have to wait…

    Hope you know I was playing about the Mister D. I was in character when I said it….or schizo!!!!! LOL

  5. Speaking of souvenirs….They had it all when I went to see Bette in July. Wish I had bought more playing cards, I was very surprised when I opened the pack at home to see how awesome they were. Guess I’ll have to go back to get more lol

  6. That sounds kinda promising then, the fact they’re not saying no straight away! Oh fingers crossed! I always love when she’s on award shows. She’s always hilarious!

    As for the mister d stuff! Well mr bradshaw one was not amused! :P:L Kidding! I knew you were joking! Or at least i hoped you were joking! lol


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