First Post Photo Shoot Pix Appear Of Spencer Brown’s Theatrical Musical Version Of “The Rose” And Bootleg Betty’s Got Them

Hey, Don!

So yesterday was our photo shoot and I was super excited. After getting rid of a hangover from the night before, I headed over to the photographer‘s house. Dusti Cunningham is one of the best photographers in Kansas City -and I would even go as so far to say in the country.

Andy Chambers, a well-respected and FABULOUS make-up artist, started getting me into “The Rose” face around 3pm. We bleached my eyebrows, painted my nails, and by about 4:30/5 we were ready to start shooting.

I think Dusti said he took some 750 shots -me with a microphone, me shooting up, me dying, me surrounded by orange roses on a mattress in an alley, me against a brick wall at a floral shop in Kansas City where they have an enormous rose painted on the wall. It was fabulous. We ended up getting done around 9pm last night.

Afterwards, not wanting to put the outfit to bed quite yet, we went to the Brick, which is the same bar we used for our callbacks when we were casting the show. I drank lots of whiskey and bourbon (gotta love method acting). It was also Monday night which is karaoke night! So I ended up singing “Fire Down Below“, “Me and Bobby McGee“, and ended by singing “The Rose”, where two fabulous friends of mine got on another microphone and sang back-up.

By the end of the night, I truly was a hot mess. So I’ve attached a few shots from the Brick last night. The photos from the photo shoot yesterday won’t be emerging for at least a week or so I imagine but I did get to peek at the camera a few times and I do think they look pretty amazing. (To read the rest you’ll have to click the link and scroll down, more photos, too:) CLICK, READ, AND/OR SCROLL DOWN

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