The Rose Lives!

Mister D: Well, ladies and germs, I have to say The Rose lives in Kansas City, but just for one more night, as brought to life by Spencer Brown, a talent we’ll surely be seeing in the future after this performance. I had the best time, even though I thought I was in Hades (the theatre was a little hot) but as long as the show was going you seemed to forget about it because all eyes were glued to the stage. It was just an interesting production and I am so proud of Spencer and the way he adapted “The Rose” the movie to the stage.

It was very minimalist, but it worked…..mostly the stage consisted of crates of booze, a runway, the band in the back, sheer Rose colored curtains (I’m color blind, but that’s the way it looked to me, and a backdrop sign of “The Rose.” The supporting cast was excellent, taking on various roles, and the band was tight, loud, and they rocked. It was just an awesome experience.

Barry and I were talking and saying it was totally worth the money we spent to fly and see the production. So thank you Spencer for a wonderful evening and letting me experience my favorite Bette character again, but in a new light.

While there, we also met another BetteHead Judy Bishop whom I had not seen in 8 years, so that was a treat. I also met Chadwick Brooks. the owner or manager of the theatre (hubba hubba, if only I were single) who was so nice and inviting. Here’s a hideous photo of me with Spencer and Judy after the show and the heatwave:

Again, Spencer, thank you for a once-in-a lifetime experience that I won’t forget. And to the rest of you, Barry took some photos that I should have up in the gallery soon. Just check back to this post a little later and I’ll have a link…..

Love. Mister D

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  1. This just in -we’re sold out for tonight’s final performance of “THE ROSE” on a Monday night. Filling it to capacity -imagine squeezing 10 more people than what you witnessed on Saturday! It’s going to be insane. Fortunately it’s gloomy weather so the heat isn’t as bad outside right now…

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