More On The Birthday Fundraiser

(Well, Mister D is about as distinct as they come, don’t ya find?)

For the time being. so there is no confusion between the 2 fundraisers, I’ll have to make a distinction. For our fundraiser you will make the checks out to NYRP. The minimum donation will be 20.00 and of course those that can give more, please give more. Those who can’t give 20.00 just give what you can. In the “for” section of the check, please write Happy Birthday Bette – The Betteheads (Bette knows all BLB people as BetteHeads and that’s how we got those T-shirts in Vegas) or if that’s not enough room write it on the back of the check or birthday card in which you will enclose the check. Everybody with me so far! Then mail the birthday card and check to NYRP. Our contact person at NYRP is Kristen Dougherty so put Attn: Kristen Dougherty , then NYRP’s address:

New York Restoration Project
254 West 31st Street,
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

You can bookmark this post by clicking on the title and saving it somewhere or you might just want to print it out. I’ll make a section to the left in the sidebar which is a little neater if possible. I would not send anything in til October 1, 2009, so start saving up now. I also will do my best to have Ms. Midler’s assistant present the cards and checks to Ms. Midler. I can’t promise, but it is one of my goals. This has just been taken care of….the box of cards and donations will be given to Ms. Midler.

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