NYRP: Bette’s Birthday Fundraiser / 15th Anniversary Plan

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New York Restoration Project: Bette’s Birthday / 15th Anniversary Plan

In honor of this momentous milestone for New York Restoration Project’s (NYRP) anniversary and founder Bette Midler’s birth, NYRP is preparing a special campaign to engage all NYRP and Bette supporters and fans. This special, unifying project will bring us together as an organization, while celebrating and commemorating all we have achieved together and all we hope to do in the future.

The Idea

In celebration of NYRP’s 15th Anniversary and Bette’s birthday NYRP’s staff and supports are going to surprise her with something special!

We all know Bette loves the beauty and joy that NYRP’s community gardens bring to the underserved neighborhoods of New York City. That is why we are going to bring the green out into the streets!

We are going to surprise Ms. Midler by transforming the streets around 15 of our gardens–one for each year of our existence! We’ll plant trees; build window boxes, make them fresh and green and fill them with flowers; we’ll show that the community, not just the garden, is vibrant, alive, and well cared for. We’ll make Bette’s wish come true and bring the beauty of our gardens out into their surrounding neighborhoods!

It’s what Bette would do, if she’d thought of it first!

Want to Give?

For a gift of $35, Anniversary supporters will have their names printed on the anniversary card to Bette (explaining what staff, volunteers, and members are doing in her honor), but is also inscribed on a permanent plaque that will be installed in the NYRP Members’ Garden.

For a gift of $55, Anniversary supporters will help us to buy and plant the flowers that will bring the garden to the streets.

For a gift of $100, Anniversary supporters will provide the tender loving care that keeps new trees healthy in their first critical year in the ground.

For a gift of $250, Anniversary supporters will be giving enough to purchase, install, and fill a window box overflowing with greenery at a home or business near the garden.

For a gift of $500, Anniversary supporters will be giving enough for a beautiful sidewalk planter ”“ each one a mini”garden of their own to delight and entice neighborhood visitors.

For a very generous gift of $1,250, Anniversary supporters will turn a stretch of sidewalk at the curb into a perfect planting environment ”“ and will see a large and leafy tree planted there, to grow through the decades.

Anniversary supporters can become the sole sponsor of one of these garden extensions for $2,500.

How to Help

NYRP will be setting up a special Facebook page in support of Bette’s big gift and NYRP’s Anniversary plans.  NYRP supporters are welcome to forward the link and become a Facebook Fan of NYRP to stay updated on all our programs and activities.

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