New Music Up And Stuff

There’s new music in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox. Hope you enjoy. Over the rest of the week I’ll be changing out the music in the other stations. CLICK HERE

Remember the start date for the BLB Happy Birthday Bette Fundraiser For NYRP is October 1, 2009 so start saving your money and think about whether you will send a card or a note.

Mary Russell will have a Memory Box waiting at NYRP for them to collect all of our cards/notes with checks/money orders enclosed. Just remember to follow the instructions. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING UNTIL OCTOBER 1, 2009. Also check back in case instructions have changed. The link is at the top right of the page…..thank you so much.

Those of you who are participating in this group, make sure to take your name off the Facebook group so there’s no confusion about which group you’re with (false hopes) or vice versa…I know there has been some confusion.

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