Spoiler Alert: Bryce Gets “Smug Mutha” With Bette Midler

Bryce Gets “Smug Mutha” With Bette Midler
Bryce Gledhill

If you haven’t booked your smug mutha tickets you need to book them asap… the smug mutha experience was amazing… from beginning right to the end… its a memory you will cherish for forever… not only are you front row… but the you are truly treated like a vip guest… Bettes staff completely take care of you and they are a great bunch of people…

See I was a very lucky smug mutha, I got to meet bette by myself… I was the only smug mutha, Bettes manager said that there were 23 smug muthas the night before… so how lucky was i…

As i sat in the waiting room… my hands were shaking… I was getting really nervous but so excited at the same time… the door opens and in struts Bette… I jumped up started screaming I couldn’t believe Bette was standing in front of me… i gave her the biggest hug…

Bettes assistant came in with a glass of champagne for Bette, Bette said Bryce would you like a glass of champagne I said yes please… so the assistant went to get me a glass… Bette said Bryce here you have mine and ill wait for the other one… I was like no bette you have it… she said no you have it… I said you performed tonight you deserve it… she said thank you very much… it was so cute just shows you what a beautiful woman she is… we talked about everything… my job, Australia, Bette climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, New York City, Bettes book a view from abroad, she was telling me all of her favourite things to do in LA… she was said oh god I sound like such a mom…

I took in a pic of a Bette Midler cake my mum made for me when i was 12, bette loved it… I said take it with you the next time your on Oprah… Bette laughed haha

I told Bette that the highlight of the show was when she sang when a man loves a woman… wow she was amazing… she just belted it out… she had the whole colosseum on their feet just screaming… it was amazing… I told her she should have gotten the oscar for The Rose… which I strongly believe, I also told her my favourite song of hers is stay with me… she thanked me…

Bettes one of those people you can talk to for hours, she made me feel so comfortable which I thought was fantastic, she was everything I expected and more…

Thank you Bette and your amazing staff for the best night of my life…

love bryce x

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15 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Bryce Gets “Smug Mutha” With Bette Midler

  1. OMG Bryce what an amazing story!!!!!!! i am from australia too and have booked a smug mutha package for october!

    so excited after hearing your story, an amazing experience that you will never forget!

    sharn 🙂

  2. hey guys i went to bettes show on the 11th and the 12th but it was the 12th that i did the smug mutha package…

    i know a guy from australia that i talk to on facebook via bootleg betty who did the smug mutha package on friday night and when he said he was from sydney bette said oh i had someone else from australia on wednesday and simon said yeh i talk to bryce on facebook… bette and her manager apparently raved on about me…

    how cool is that hahahahahahhaa


  3. Bryce you know we love you and for those of you who dont know Brycey he is the most deserving person to have this kind of dream become a reality.
    Luv ya babe

  4. Wow, congrats Bryce…that is an awesome story! How lucky that you went on a night where you were by yourself too. Glad that the long trip paid off for you.

  5. a wonderful story and a terrific photo!!

    Bette seems like a lovely hostess and a grand lady.

    Continuing to save cash so I too can be a smug mutha…

  6. Doing some research incase I win the lotto:

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    Now I need to buy a lotto ticket! Wish me luck!

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