Bette And Martin At Fashion Night Out…

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17 thoughts on “Bette And Martin At Fashion Night Out…

  1. Guys, give him a break. He’s old. People get older. lol And I think he looks good for his age. At least he has hair. Well it is probably not real, but he has nice plugs. Could have fooled me. haha : )

    1. Ya’ll need to be nice. There’s nothing wrong with aging. Martin looks damn well for his age and it’s his real hair. As Bette told me, she looks good cause it takes a village…..and one day, you’re all going to be there just like me….so let’s be a little respectful. with the exception of my I’d do him remark…

  2. I am being nice. lol I think he looks great! And very in shape. And I meant to say that I really do like his hair. Nice and full. I only said he must have plug because I have never met a man yet over 60 who still had his real hair. But since it is his real hair, more power to him! lol : )

  3. Martin has earned his place right next to God and Barry in Heaven….LOL!

    You people are nuts…the guy is German. He is charming even when he doens`t want to…LOL! You go girl…

  4. I think Martin has always looked good, and I think he looks good still. Him and Bette are a cute couple and I’m so happy that its been 25 years and their still very much in love. That kind of thing blows my mind and gives me hope that hopefuly someday i’ll be just as lucky. =]

  5. What standarts???? Man, my life has been a lie! I was a fan because I thought she had no standarts,now you tell me she had them…oh wait, as she has already said, they are low, but she`s got them! LMAOL!

    Amanda, hon, you sound just like Sarah…:-P. LOL!

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