New Mister D Playlist And Two Birthday Fundraisers

  • I went ahead and put up new music in the Mister D playlist since I’ll be gone the week I usually put new music up. Look for new BLB and Same Songs, Other Voices music to go up next weekend.
  • I will be going to the 30th anniversary of The Rose screening on the 25th. I know some Betteheads are going….just look for me….the fat guy with white/blonde hair who looks lost as shit. I look forward to meeting you all.
  • As you know there are two birthday fundraisers and things were said and vileness was spewed and after doing some soul searching that’s just not me. I’m glad we have the opportunity to raise a lot of money for Ms. Midler and I don’t care how she gets the money. So in the future I will be promoting both fundraisers. I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea and that’s okay. That’s just life. And I apologize for my past behavior because that’s not the example I want to set. So, here’s the link if you are participating in Bootleg Betty’s Fundraiser which starts Oct 1, 2009….Click Here

  • The other fundraiser, which is on Facebook, will start around Halloween, and he will post more about it later on his Facebook site. He started the fundraisers about 10 years ago, after that it was off and on. I’m not sure if ours will be yearly or not. But if you would like to participate in his group, the link is: Click Here
  • I’ll post the 2 links on the top scroll bar for easy access!
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7 thoughts on “New Mister D Playlist And Two Birthday Fundraisers

  1. Love the Annie Lennox songs on your playlist. And what’s with the Madonna songs? This is a first. Have you heard the new Susan Boyle track? Wild Horses?

    1. I don’t know…Madonna got in my blood. I need to go back and add some Cher though. Susan Boyle does Wild Horses???? You’re kidding me…???!!!

  2. Ya, go to and he has the full song, or go to youtube for susan boyle, watch America’s got talent wednesday night-She’s performing. ADD CHER!! SHE’S A MUST!!

  3. Yea her 1995/6 It’s A Man’s World album!! Those are some of the best 14 tracks she has ever recorded. But the American version had only 11 tracks, and some songs were much slower and R&B-ish

  4. Hold on, STOP EVERYTHING!!! It’s a sign of the apocalypse, RUNNNNNNNNNN! Don is actually PROMOTING Jude’s funraiser! Wow I think my heart stoped for a second. lol jk : )

    1. Well. It’s time to realize that we’re both promoting the same thing. I didnt like the letter he sent out about me, but in the end it’s just not worth it. We’re two grown men who should know better than to act like children…

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