The Joy Behar Show

The panelists are on first which consists of Bay Buchanan and Janeane Garafalo. They are discussing Sarah Palin’s new book deal. Looks like Bette will be on last folks…

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4 thoughts on “The Joy Behar Show

  1. Mr D:

    What’s going on with your site?? All whacked up!

    Forgot Bette was on Joy til my husband screamed “BBEETTTTEE” as he was changing stations.

    Well she look FABULOUS and we now know why she canceled her appear at The Rose screening, she was in Paris. I must say, I’m happy for her but disappointed she canceled. I wish she had never agreed to attend! But I still LOVE her!!

  2. What happened to the rest of the show. Nancy Grace OMG!! What a bummer. She is an idiot. What a disapointment. Did any one else have this happen? Joy said the show would be right back.
    Again,,,Who gives a R__s A__ about Nancy Grace.
    What we saw was great!

  3. I cannot stand Sarah Palin. Anyone who would whore themselves out to Bette Midler as their opening guest and prostitute their viewers expecting Bette Midler to a Sarah Palin (puke, that is me vomiting okay)
    story either good or bad forces me to say that Joy Behar (or Lack of Joy) bay whore will soon end up in the discount bin at Kmart video dvds. I will never watch her show again even if she resurrects Michael Jackson from the dead. I smell cheap and tawdry and it did not come from the classy Bette Midler. We Were Suckers!
    No more Sarah Palin.
    Get it? Got it?

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