GMA Interview Plus Bette Sings “The Rose” from 1996

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7 thoughts on “GMA Interview Plus Bette Sings “The Rose” from 1996

  1. Thanks for posting this Don. I don’t recall seeing it– and I think I would have remembered Bette’s “First Wives Club” hair. Besides the interview, Bette sings an absolutely beautiful rendition of The Rose.
    I hope you’re doing well.

  2. I don’t remember seeing it either, but it’s one of the best live versions of “The Rose” I’ve heard…wow, what a stunner!

    The background singer in the center looks a bit like Katey Sagal (or maybe Ula?)….hmmmm, I wonder…

    1. Yes—Barry and I thought it was a great version of The Rose. I’m positive it’s ULA in the background….

  3. I remember this perfectly and of course that’s Ula Hedwig.

    Miss M looks better as a blonde than a brunette or even a redhead.

    Interesting that her success in music and, especially, on tours didn’t make Bette rich before her Disney films. Remember that money should have only rolled in after the first movie, because she wasn’t paid a lot for “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. The today Vegas deal is probably being excellent for The Divine’s finances. I believe it’s her best deal in years.

    I think Miss M could make tons of money with a world tour. Especially in Europe (the Euro is stronger than the American Dollar and the British Pound is even stronger! Add to that Japan (They can pay any premium tickets offered. Japanese have so much money to spend.) and Australia that Bette has already tasted with Kiss my Brass. It would be a dream to have The Divine One in South America… Bette doesn’t invest much in her international career though.

  4. Thanks Don. I’ve never seen this and didn’t know she ever did an interview with the First Wives haircut. Had you ever seen that interview they showed her in the beginning? I’d love to see the full interview.

  5. I remember seeing all her Rona Barrett interviews…I’ll have to see if I can find any. If not, Darrell is bound to have one or two on hand….

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