Oprah: The First Wive’s Club Interview 1996 Parts 1-5

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7 thoughts on “Oprah: The First Wive’s Club Interview 1996 Parts 1-5

  1. OH!!! What fun that was!!! Bette’s reaction to Diane saying she LIKED to watch TV after a good day at work!! Bette was aghast!! Too funny! Thanks, Don!

  2. I love Diane. She is too funny when she was like I like to watch tv. lol I am the same way. After a hard day, who wants to go out and do anything. lol

  3. Just great!! I loved this movie so much and could watch it over and over. Especially after a hard day at work. Just come home and turn on the tv. I am such a Bette fan, but do enjoy Goldie and Diane in some of their other work too. Great fun. Love to laugh. This is one of Bette’s best performances. Thanks

  4. i love after pretty much everything Bette said the camera turned to Goldie and her expresions were just great and then After Ivana was done, i heard Bette say something to the affect of; she’s a great interviewer! Bette is just great!

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