Help Get “From A Distance” Christmas Version On Karaoke

Jonathan B. wrote me about this issue. I know a lot of you BetteHeads like to sing to Bette’s songs using backing tracks, and make some of the best. Well, Jonathan decided to take action and wrote them about it. He got an e-mail from Ameritz saying if they get enough requests for it they will release it – this may bode well for some of the other tracks, too, later.

However, all you BetteHeads can make a difference and get this wonderful version of From A Distance released by going to the Ameritz website and requesting it. All you have to do is CLICK HERE , then select General FeedBack and then Continue. It’s really very simple. You then just request the Christmas version of FAD.

Thank you from me and Jonathan,

Love, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Help Get “From A Distance” Christmas Version On Karaoke

  1. Hey Don, check your e-mail (dtb@donbradshaw)! Last year I spliced together karaoke of “From a Distance” and Bette’s actual Christmas version. It worked pretty well for me to sing all during the holidays last year. It might work for some BetteHeads until Karaoke Sites make the real deal! Enjoy!

  2. Spencer, can you by any chance send me the christmas version. We have a christmas pageant coming up and they want this version

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