Andrea Z: My Bette Experience

Okay so it’s still a blur the night of the concert and meeting Bette. I feel like it’s a dream and i’m going to wake up and find that it never happened! I’ve been a fan for 22 years and I never ever thought that I would get a chance to meet her and it finally happened.

I will start with the concert which was absolutely amazing as you all know who have either went or heard about it. There is nothing like being in the front row. Once you have been in the front row it’s very hard to have anything but. Anyways after the show was over we got whisked away backstage and I was very nervous along with the other 5 people that were in my row. All were very nice and very excited. There were other people back there too, maybe like 6 more people.

The rest of the night was like heaven. Bette came out within 5 min and said hello and asked how everyone was. I knew she was only 5 ft 1 but boy is she tiny! I’m like 5ft 3 so I’m not tall by any means but she is so petite. She must have a small frame because I felt big next to her. It was very surreal. My heart was pounding so fast and loud.

It was my turn and I thought I was going to cry but I really held my composure and she reached out to hug me right away which was very cool. I hope she didn’t think this was weird but I told her I loved her right away and she said I was a sweetheart. Lol. She asked if I was by myself and I said yes but that my husband was in Vegas with me but he didn’t come to the show tonight but it was okay because he had been to two of her shows with me before and she said ” oh so you keep getting closer?” and I said “oh yeah!” I told her that I was a really big fan since 12 years old and that I was celebrating my 30th birthday this week and she goes “oh my god” in a low droned out way if that makes sense. It was funny. I hope I didn’t make her feel old. Lol. I just wanted her to know how loyal of a fan I was. She asked me where I was from and I told her Phoenix and she goes “how are the foreclosures?” I said they were not good at all and there were a lot of them.

Then she asked what my name was and what I did for a living and I told her I was a hairstylist and she told me that I had beautiful hair and that she loved the color and then she reached out and touched it. I never wanted to wash my hair again! We were about to take the picture and I told her that this was a dream come true and that it made my life to be doing this and she said I was such a sweetheart. That was nice. She also told me that I looked adorable in my outfit that I had on.

Before I was about to say goodbye I asked her if she had ever been to Phoenix and she said “Oh yeah I love Phoenix” and I think it was Marty the tour manager that said they had opened one of her tours there at the arena and they had a really good time. I’m originally from Wisconsin so anytime I had seen her in concert it was either in Minneapolis or Chicago.

I’ve lived in Phoenix for only the last four years. I said I didn’t know that she had ever been to Phoenix and she said she loved stopping there so I asked her if she would come there again if she toured and she said she would definitely be there and hoped she would see me in the front row. So it sounds like she definitely might tour again. Yay! I told her that would be awesome and then I thanked her for allowing me the opportunity to meet her and she hugged me again and we said goodbye.

I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the night and still today. I will never forget it and I think I love her even more now if that is possible.

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5 thoughts on “Andrea Z: My Bette Experience

  1. WOW!, Andrea Thank You For Sharing Your FAB Story, I Loved It, She Called You A Sweetheart, She Loves You Andrea, your originaly from wisconsin, cool, that’s where i’m from and still live too and your absoluetly right about feeling like your in a dream cuz that’s exactly how i felt as well, i still look at my pic and can hardly believe it happend but i know it did and i decided to push the ladder down and stay up on cloud 9 forever lol, i’m happy for you, congrats girl 🙂

  2. Your Very Welcome Andrea :), I Live In Racine Wisconsin, Do You Know Where That Is? And Where In Wisconsin Did You Used To Live?

  3. I lived in the Rice Lake area. It’s about an hour north of Eau Claire. I have been to Racine before. That’s cool we have something else in common besides loving Bette Midler!

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