O Magazine: Find Your Inner Bette (Thanks Kortney)

BetteHead Kortney wants everyone to know that on page 234 of this months O magazine there is an article about finding one’s purpose in life, finding yourself, and how women need to find their divine feminism. Well, the article is quite long, but one of the examples of Divine women was our very own Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. And of course, her name was the first one mentioned…I mean why wouldn’t it be? The article goes on to say how fabulous and divine all these other women are….but we all know what the author was trying to say – Find Your Inner Bette!

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2 thoughts on “O Magazine: Find Your Inner Bette (Thanks Kortney)

  1. Kortney found this during study hall and told me about it during luch!! i was soo proud, i declared her an official Bettehead, she was thrilled!! Yay Kortney, welcome to our world, Betteheadland!!!

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